Tuesday, February 6, 2018

How to Choose the Right Clothes for Our Short Body Shape

Every women always want to look fashionable and look beautiful with every model of clothing they wear. However, not all women have a good body shape. And of course, not all models of clothes can look beautiful on their bodies. For that, we who have a short body shapes do not be sad. We can still look fashionable with our bodies like this. However, we must be smart to choose the appropriate clothing model in our bodies. Here, the local charm will provide tips, how to choose the right clothes for those of us who have short body?

Clothes that Fit Body
We have a short body is not recommended to use the model of loose clothing because it will make us look shorter. We must choose the model of body fit clothes to show our body shape.

Mini Skirt
Skirt that is long above the knee is highly recommended, because it will show the shape of our feet so we can look tall. While the skirt is long under the knee is mandatory for us to avoid because it will make us look drowning and getting shorter

Jeans and T-Shirt
Jeans and T-Shirt do look simple. But this clothing model will make us look fashionable and suitable for our short body. We only need to wear jeans and plain t-shirts only. Quite simple is not it?

High Heels
Shoes this model should we have. High heels will help us look taller. However, for those of us who cannot use high heels with a pointed right, we can still wear wedges that are comfortable for our feet. Try high heels are nude or matching with our skin to form a long leg illusion.

Mini Bag
For accessories, bags are also very we need. But the form of the right handbag for our short body is a bag that is small or mini only. Because if our bags are large, the bag will cover our bodies.

Clothes of the Same Color
For those of us who are short, the same colors will make the post look even taller. So, avoid matching too many colors in one outfit

So it is some tips on how to choose the right clothes for our short body shape.

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