Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Want to look stylish but have a "Limited Budget"? Do not worry; here are some tips for it!

Fashion style is very needed by women and it will always develop with the times. Many women who want to look stylish. Obviously, it will make our financial expenses (women) will increase because to appear stylish requires a large enough funds. However, what if our funds are limited? Do we have to bury our dreams to look stylish? Stay calm baby, we can still look stylish with our little funds. Here are some tips so we can look stylish with limited funds.

1. We should be able to determine the time when to look stylish. Whether when we go out with friends, go to college; go to work or when we attend an event only. Do not always look stylish at all times.

2. Recycle our old clothes. If we have old clothes that are a bit shabby and dull, we do not immediately throw it away because we can still recycle into clothing that can look better. Like black jeans whose color has turned into dull, we can take it to the “naptol” to get its color back to black.

3. Shop for used clothes. Who said shopping for embarrassing shirts? That's a big mistake. Because used clothes also have a pretty good quality. We just need to be smart to choose it. Besides the cheaper price, we can also get clothes that are still pretty good quality.

4. Provide special funds every month to shop for clothes. In this case, we do not have to provide too much funding. In accordance with the needs of clothing that we want to use it just about Rp. 250.000-300.000 but can be routine every month.

5. Increase clothes that are neutral colors such as black, gray and white because these colors have many benefits. Suppose we have black pants or skirts, we can mix matching with other colored clothing.

6. Do not forget to see how much the clothing price discounts before we buy it. This is very important, because the more discounts, the less money we have to spend.

So, that's some tips that we can apply for our appearance to be stylish with a very limited budget. Good luck.

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