Tuesday, January 30, 2018

7 Kinds of Bangs that Can Make You Look Like Korean Artist

South Korea is one of the fashion centers in the world. It is undeniable that anything related to South Korea can affect some countries, especially Indonesia. Not just Korean dramas, but fashion style from the artists as well, starting from fashion clothing, hair fashion, healthy lifestyle and others. South Korea is famous for its cute fashion appearance and of course the majority of women there have a slim body. No wonder if every style of fashion they apply is always followed by many young people.

In addition, South Korean women's hair style is also synonymous with bangs. Bangs will make them look more beautiful. However, it is not South Korean women who can have good bangs hair style, we can also have it. But, before we cut our bangs, we have to adjust it to our face shape so as not to cut pieces. If we miss-cut our bangs, it's not so pretty, but it'll look weird. For that, here are some forms of bangs that we can apply in accordance with the shape of our face, and certainly will look like Korean women.

See Through Bangs
These thin bangs can make us look fresher.

Full and Blunt Bangs
Bangs are suitable for us who want to look cute like a Korean artist

Side Swept Bangs
Many of us have bangs like this. This bangs just combed to the side only and it will make we look feminine. These bangs are also suitable for chubby cheeks.

Choppy Bangs
Not everyone matches these bangs, so we need the courage to try it out.

Curly Bangs
Bangs are suitable for us who have curly hair.

Center Parted Fringe
These bangs like a curtain in the middle drawn to the side. This will make our face look balanced

Wispy Bangs

These bangs are suitable for those who have long hair and this can be for any type of face shape

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