Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Visiting Batak, Do Not Forget to Taste this Food!

After we discuss about dance art from Batak that is Tor-Tor dance in previous article, this time Pesona Lokal will discuss about food of that tribe. Visiting a tourist site in an area will be incomplete if we do not taste his typical food as well. Like Batak which has many delicious foods that can make us addicted to eat it, one of them is Ikan Mas Arsik.

Ikan Mas Arsik is a Batak typical food based Fish that is captured directly from Lake Toba. This food is also known as yellow seasoning fish. The fish to be cooked is still very fresh without being thrown away. Ikan Mas Arsik also has a taste of savory, sour, sweet and spicy because it uses a typical seasoning of Sumatra, they are andaliman and kecombrang.

The basic ingredients used for cooking Ikan Mas Arsik such as goldfish tail, lemon, lemongrass, ruku-ruku or basil leaves, kecombrang flowers, small mangkokan leaves. As for the ingredients of spices such as red peppers, onion, andaliman, candlenut, turmeric, ginger, galangal, acid, salt. The materials used are quite a lot, but the way of making it very easy.

How to cook Ikan Mas Arsik is only require boiling with the first stage is clean the fish and rub it with lime juice, let it stand for 10 minutes. Then after stuck for 10 minutes, rub the fish with spices that are smoothed, the contents of the abdominal cavity with some spices such as lemon grass and kecombrang. Prepare a pan that has been given lemongrass leaves, put the fish on it. Then, add basil, kecombrang, mangkokan and sour leaves. After that, soak with water and then cooked with fire until cooked and the water runs out. Finally, Ikan Mas Arsik is ready to serve.

But if you feel lazy to cook it at home, you can buy it in some restaurant.

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