Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Enjoy the Sensation of Sleeping in a Spaceship Just in Tab Capsule Hotel Surabaya

Surabaya is the 2nd largest city in Indonesia which has many beautiful tourist destinations to visit. Generally, travelers or backpackers will stay at hotels as they enjoy their trip. In Surabaya there are many unique hotels one of which is a capsule hotel called Tab Capsule Hotel. Maybe we can only see this hotel in Japan. It is true; this hotel was first established in Japan because of the lack of available land. However, at this time we do not need to come to Japan to enjoy it, we just need to come to Surabaya.

The first capsule hotel in Indonesia is called Tab Capsule Hotel located at Darmo Permai Street No. 712-713, Surabaya. Due to limited land and a lot of demand then opened also a capsule hotel with a new concept called Tab Capsule Hotel Kayoon. This hotel is located on Kayoon Street Blok B No. 11, Embong Kaliasin, Genteng, Surabaya. If we watch an action film that tells about astronauts who are in outer space by displaying their beds and workspaces in the plane, then we will feel attracted to it. As well as the Capsule Hotel Tab that will offer the sensation of sleeping in a spaceship. The design of a minimalist room with a white color will add to the impression of being on a spaceship.

Tab Capsule Hotel is still classified as a new hotel. There are several types of rooms offered, namely a room for one person capacity. Two person capacity room and one room with capacity 8 people with 8 capsules. Each room is equipped with a satellite TV, self-regulated air conditioning, toilet and water heater. In addition, within this hotel there is also a restaurant that offers a variety of delicious food menu at a price that is quite affordable.
The hotel service is also very nice. Guests of the hotel can also enjoy a shuttle service from the airport and train station. Receptionist will also open for 24 hours, and the most important is there is free Wi-Fi network at high speed.

Rates for stay at Tab Capsule Hotel are very affordable. On the first night, we only need to pay Rp. 90.000, for the next night Rp. 150,000. The price is much cheaper than the other hotels.
So, if you want to travel to Surabaya or just traveling business there but only have limited funds, you can stay at this hotel.

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