Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Change This Bad Habit to Keep Your Skin Healthy!

Who does not like to stay up late? Especially men. They love to stay up when there is a football games on TV or when they are playing games. They will forget the time and choose to sleep at midnight or even not sleep at all. Especially at the time of the turn of the year, we will definitely choose to stay up and enjoy the turn of the year with various activities such as barbeque. However, staying up is a bad habit because it can cause some negative impact on the health of the body. One of them is on skin beauty.
Staying triggered the production of high amounts of cortisol or stress hormone that will inhibit the production of collagen. As we already know, collagen has an important role for the skin that is maintaining skin elasticity. Lack of collagen will cause wrinkles and fine lines on the face so we will experience premature aging.

In addition, staying up also makes our faces pale and the eyes will become swollen and dark colored on the eyes or so-called panda eyes. That happens because the veins on the face are widening.

If this is done continuously, then our face will become dull and pimpled because the pH of the skin is also unbalanced.

For that, we have to change our staying soil, because humans need 8 hours to sleep. Of course we do not want to look older than our actual age is not it? Do not forget to drink enough water and consume fruits and vegetables to keep our skin healthy.

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