Monday, December 11, 2017

Batik; The Amazing Sarong from Indonesia.

Indonesia has a very distinctive sarong and becomes the identity of that State. This sarong is often used by indigenous Indonesians and even people from other countries. It is called Batik. Batik is a pictorial sarong that is specially made by writing or putting the night on the cloth, then processing is processed in a certain way that has a peculiarity. The motif of Batik also describes the existing culture in Indonesia.

Batik is one of the handicrafts that have high artistic value related to the culture especially in Java Island. In the past, women on the island of Java made their skills to make batik as a livelihood. Tradition to make batik is originally a hereditary tradition; it can be seen from the batik motif that is always the same in a family. The motif of batik also shows the status of a person. However, traditional patterned batik worn by only residents of the palace.

How to make batik was not easy, required special skills and also diligence enough to draw a motif on a cloth. First, wash the mori fabric first, and then insert the mori fabric into the castor oil so that the fabric becomes limp, so that the absorption of the dye is higher. Then, mori fabric hammered to smooth the fabric layer for easy to make batik. Next is to draw the pattern of batik according to taste. To make it easier, the fabric can be drawn first using pencil. Then fill the pattern with color. After that dip the fabric into the liquid color repeatedly so get the desired color. The last stage is to release the whole night (wax) by inserting a cloth that is old enough color into boiling water. Upon lifting, the fabric is rinsed with clean water and then dried up to dry.

Batik has many types that can be seen based on the area of origin and style such as Balinese Batik, Banyumas Batik, Betawi  Batik, Pekalongan  Batik, Solo  Batik, Tasik  Batik, Aceh Batik, Minangkabau Batik, Kraton Batik, Cuwiri Batik, Petani Batik, Sidaluhur Batik and many others.

Batik can be used for formal and semi-formal events. And also can be combined with other model of clothes according to taste.

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