Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A Place to Commemorate the Tsunami Tragedy in Aceh that you can Visit

Indonesia has experienced a great natural disaster and we certainly will never forget it. 13 years ago, precisely on December 26, 2004, Aceh Province was hit by a horrible Tsunami storm and claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. The disaster still leaves deep wounds. For that reason, the Aceh Tsunami tragedy must be remembered.

However, in addition to leaving a deep sorrow, Aceh Tsunami tragedy also leaves some tourist destinations that are not less interesting to visit. One of them is the Museum Tsunami Aceh.

Museum Tsunami Aceh is a museum in Banda Aceh designed as a symbolic monument to the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami disaster as well as an education center and emergency shelter if the tsunami occurs again. This museum was designed by an architect who came from Bandung West Java, namely Ridwan Kamil before serving as mayor of Bandung. Museum Tsunami Aceh is located on Sultan Iskandar Muda Street No.3, Sukaramai, Baiturrahman, Banda Aceh.

Inside the museum, visitors enter through a narrow and dark passageway between two high water walls to recreate the atmosphere and panic in the tsunami. The museum walls are decorated with images of Saman dancing people, a symbolic meaning to the power, discipline, and religious belief of the Acehnese tribe. From the top, the roof forms a sea wave. The floor is basically designed like a traditional Aceh stage house that survived the tsunami. In it there are also pictures of the state of Banda Aceh post Tsunami.

In addition to being a symbolic monument to commemorate the Tsunami disaster, the museum is also useful as a refuge for such disasters in the future, including "refugee hills" for visitors if a tsunami occurs again.

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