Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Delicious Chicken-Based Dishes from Bali; Ayam Betutu

Italian has Roma, Japan has Fujiyama, Australia has Sydney, but Indonesia has Bali. Who does not know Bali? Almost everyone knows how beautiful the island is. Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia that has many natural beauties, traditions and culture that is able to attract local and foreign tourists to come and enjoy its beauty. Not only that, Bali also has a special food that has become legend and is liked by many people, that is “Ayam Betutu”. The name of this food you may have heard even though you have never tasted it.

Ayam Betutu is whole chicken filled spices Balinese herbs. Then the chicken is roasted. Not only chicken that is used as a base ingredient, you can also use the whole duck. This Ayam betutu is very famous in Bali especially Gilimanuk area. There are several variations of how to process such as wet Ayam Betutu, dry Ayam Betutu and Ayam Betutu in the oven. But the spices used are also the same and it will make everyone who sees them want to try its deliciousness. Balinese spice has its own charm so for the first time to taste it; they will feel addicted and want to try eating it again.

The ingredients for cooking this food are chicken or duck as a basic ingredient, big red chili, ginger, turmeric, galangal, lemongrass, onion, garlic, pecan, pepper, coriander, sugar, salt and chicken broth. You will find them easily.

Then, how to cook it? First, mash all the spices, then sauté until fragrant. Remove the spices and then let it cool. After that, sprinkle chicken with the spice. But before it, sprinkle chicken with juice of lime and salt to taste tastier. Then, wrap chicken with banana leaves; do not forget to add orange leaves, bay leaves and lemongrass. Next, steam chicken about 2 hours then roast the chicken into the oven with a temperature of about 185 degrees for 30 minutes. Finally, Ayam Betutu ready to be served and eaten with warm rice.

What do you think? It is very easy to cook Ayam Betutu at home isn’t it? But, if you cannot cook it by yourself, you can buy it at restaurant because there are so many restaurants which become Ayam Betutu as their favorite menu.

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