Monday, November 6, 2017

Teluk Asmara, The Beauty of a New Bay in Malang that is not Inferior to Raja Ampat

Are you one of the mountain lovers? Or beach lovers? Or even lovers of both? If true, you no longer need to travel around the world to enjoy the scenery, because Indonesia has a lot of mountains and very beautiful beaches. Not only mountains and beaches alone, Indonesia also has many beautiful and unique bays. One of which is “Teluk Asmara” or in English is “The Romance Bay”.

“Teluk Asmara” was just inaugurated April 2017, so many people who do not know it. This bay is called “Teluk Asmara” because when viewed from the air, the limestone hills surrounding the beach are shaped like hearts. In addition to these reasons, there is no mystical reason behind the naming of this beach. When you set foot on this beach, you will be served by a vast expanse of white sand.

Asmoro Bay Beach is located in Tambakrejo, Sumbermanjing Wetan, Malang, and East Java. Its location is on the left of the road about 1 km before the entrance of Goa Beach of China.

In this bay you can do various activities such as swimming because the waves are not too big, so it is quite safe to swim. Besides, if you like camping, this place is perfect for you. You can spend the night enjoying the beautiful scenery around the bay. And in the morning, you can swim to enjoy the fresh sea water. It is very pleasant and your camping activities will be perfect.

In this bay we cannot find various facilities such as mosques, toilets and others except only the gazebo because this bay is a newly inaugurated bay. The road to the bay is still from the ground and still not on the asphalt so you should be more careful. However, this road will be fixed around late 2017.

If you want to go to this bay, you can get there by private car, motorcycle or other vehicle. But you should be more careful to keep your vehicles and things because in this bay there is still no security.

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