Monday, November 13, 2017

Pulau Kelor, Labuan Bajo; the Perfect Natural Beauty in Indonesia

When you are bored and want to refresh your mind after doing activity enough tiring brain like work and study, usually you will go tour enjoy beautiful natural scenery like beach, mountains, beautiful island and other beautiful place. Do you go to another country or just in your own country (Indonesia) for a nature tour? Indonesia has many beautiful and exotic tourist attractions. So you do not need to go far just to enjoy the beauty of this nature. One of them is Labuan Bajo.

What is labuan bajo? Labuan Bajo is one of the villages located in Komodo sub district, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia which used to be an urban village and the capital of Komodo sub-district is also the capital of West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, and Indonesia. Now it has been developed into Labuan Bajo Town.

Labuan Bajo has many tourist attractions, one of which is Pulau Komodo. It is not only Pulau Komodo that is quite famous; there are several other tourist attractions such as Pink Beach, Pulau Kambing, Pulau Rinca, Pulau Kelor Florest and etc, which you can enjoy its beauty, but the most interesting of some of these islands is Pulau kelor Florest.

Pulau Kelor Florest is an island located not far from Labuan Bajo, it is only about 1 hour journey by using a regular boat and approximately 30 minutes by using speedboat. It is like other beautiful islands, this island is presenting the beauty of its beaches and underwater nature. The first time you set your feet on this island, you will feel mesmerized by the water is very clear, the place is clean because the island is not inhabited, so you will enjoy the fresh air and its natural beauty like your own island.

On this island, you do not just sit and enjoy the beauty around it, but you can also do various activities such as swimming, snorkeling and free dive. When you snorkeling, you will see the beautiful scenery under the sea, there are beautiful coral and various types of fish. And at the time of free dive, you do not have to worry because the surf of this island is very calm, so you will be safe.

So when you are confused to choose the sights you will visit with friends, family or couples while on vacation, this island is the perfect natural beauty in Indonesia and it is good enough to be your tourist destination.

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