Monday, November 13, 2017

How to Choose a Dress Model for a Thin Man to Look Gorgeous?

Many people think that people who have thin bodies are easier to wear various shirt models than people who have a fat body. The assumption is not really true, because skinny people also have difficulty in choosing the model of clothes they will wear. The wrong shirt model will make their appearance look unattractive. Even making they look weird. For that, if you have a skinny body you should pay attention to how to choose clothes that fit your body shape. Here's how to choose clothes for skinny body to look more fascinating especially for men:

1. Layering Technique
This technique is enough to help your skinny body. But keep in mind; do not overpower your clothes too much because it will make you look drowning. Just wear a shirt and you wear sweaters. This will make you look fat and cool.

2. light-colored clothes
In contrast to overweight people who are advised to wear dark clothes such as black or dark green to make the illusion of their bodies look thinner, thin people are advised to wear clothing that has light colors. But do not just wear clothes in one color only; you can wear clothes two different colors.  
3. Clothing that has a horizontal style
Choose clothes that have a horizontal style to make your body look thinner. You must avoid clothes that have an excessive style so you do not drown. And do not choose clothes that have a vertical style because it will make your body look thinner.

4. The right size of shirt
Men do not usually take a long time to choose the clothes they will wear. They tend to be more indifferent than women, so they do not pay attention to the size of the clothes they wear. Incorrect dress size will also affect their appearance. Skinny men are advised to choose the right size of clothes, not loose and not narrow.

5. Wearing a rounded collar or called a turtle-neck
When other people who have a fat body look ugly wearing this type of clothing, you will look good. You should avoid the v-neck collar as it will highlight the shape of your bones.

These ways you can apply to support your daily appearance. Do not make a mistake to choose the appropriate clothing model for your body shape.

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