Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Healthy Way to Lose Weight! You Can Do It Every Day.

Everyone want to have a beautiful body. Women want to have a slim body while men want to have a muscular body. So, a lot of them especially who have fat body are trying hard to lose their weight. The various ways they do, one of them is diet. They do diet such as eating less, keeping food and exercise. But there are many of them are wrong in doing diet. They think by eating less or not eating at all, it can help them to lose weight. That's a big mistake.  Because, when we are on diet, we have to keep up with exercise.

Exercise is an activity to train our body that we can do every day either with light activities such as walking up to heavy activities such as work out. We can exercise anywhere and anytime, at home, at the office or in the gym. Exercise has many benefits for our body, besides making our body feel healthy; we also get beautiful body shape as we want.

When we are on diet, exercise plays an important role. Maybe, if we think that by reducing the meal alone can reduce weight, why should we exercise? The thought is very wrong. In our body, there are two important components of calories and muscles. If we only eat less, our weight will decrease rapidly. But, we know that what diminishes is the amount of muscle mass. As we know, muscles have an important role in the body that is changing the calories that go through food into energy. Can we imagine, if our muscle mass is reduced, then the calories that enter into our body will accumulate and cannot be converted into energy perfectly. So by the time we stop dieting (eating less) we will become fatter back sooner even fatter than before.

It is very different if we do diet with exercise, such as cardio and work out. When we diet by doing this way, our weight will not go down quickly; even our weight may remain the same or even rise. Why is that? Because when we do cardio and work out every day, our muscles mass will increase. That's very good, because the muscle will work very well when it will turn calories into energy. Of course, every calorie of the food that we eat every day, it will not accumulate to fat, but it will be the energy that we need to perform our daily activities. So, as much as any high-calorie foods that go into our bodies, we will not easily become fat. And of course, we'll be healthier.

So, when we want to diet, the main thing we must remember is the diet in a proper and healthy way of exercising. Indeed, we will feel tired and lazy when we want to exercise. But we must remember that our goal is to have a good and healthy body. “Pretty needs sacrifice”.

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