Monday, November 6, 2017

Enjoy the Delicacy And Spiciness of This Food! “Ayam Geprek”

The food that is currently very in the interest of culinary lovers is “Ayam Geprek”. Everyone loves it. It is spicy, savory and very delicious, making the connoisseurs addicted and wants to try it again. And by the time we hear its name; we can already imagine how delicious this food is. “Ayam Geprek” is fried chicken flour in the pound with the chili sauce until the meat is torn. Although it has been pounded, the crispness of his chicken still felt.

However, until now there are still many people who cannot distinguish between “Ayam Geprek” and “Ayam Penyet. Both are fried chicken and the presentation is done by flailing the meat with a mixture of chili spice.

The difference between “Ayam Geprek” and “Ayam Penyet” is, the main ingredients are the same; from the chicken, but what distinguishes it is the “Ayam Geprek” using chicken that is wrapped with flour and very crunchy. While for “Ayam Penyet” own using ordinary fried chicken. And, the ingredients of spice, “Ayam Geprek” using only chili sauce with basic ingredients of chili and onion. While “Ayam Penyet” using chili paste and tomatoes.
We can say that “Ayam Geprek” is an innovation of “Ayam Penyet” but it is more modern. This food is increasingly favored by young people because the chicken used is fried chicken flour that the skin is more crunchy and delicious.

because a lot of people who like this food, so many food stalls that sell it, ranging from ordinary food stalls to the elite cafe where young people looking for food.

Besides the delicious taste, the price is quite affordable. Generally these foods are sold per package. Such as package A which contains white rice, chicken breast and vegetable soup with a price of about Rp.18.000. for package B which contains white rice, chicken wings and vegetable soup at a price of about Rp.15.000. it's cheap enough is not it? Or if you do not want to buy it, you can cook it yourself at home because of how to cook it quite easily.

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