Thursday, November 16, 2017

Do You Like Snorkeling? You Do Not Have to Pay Dearly for It. Just Come to This Beach! Nglambor Beach

Indonesia is a country that has a lot of natural beauty in every corner such as beaches, mountains, islands and others. In every area definitely has a beautiful tourist spot, especially a beach. Beach becomes a favorite place to relax enjoying the waves and the beautiful scenery around it. But there are many beaches newly realized their beauty by people, one of them is Nglambor Beach.

Nglambor Beach is a beach located in Purwodadi, tepus, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta and Indonesia or in the middle between Jogan Beach and Siung Beach. Because Nglambor Beach being in the middle between Jogan Beach and Siung Beach, it makes Nglambor Beach does not longer than other beaches. However, this beach still has a natural landscape that is not less beautiful. The first time we come to this beach, we will be served with a very extraordinary sea view. The beach is not too wide so we can walk enjoying the warm sand from the east end to the west end.

Because of its location in Yogyakarta, this beach is also included into the south coast. As we know, the southern coast has very large and fierce waves, so we will feel afraid to swim or just get closer to the beach to enjoy salty sea water. But, on this beach we need not fear, because the waves on the beach are quite calm. We can still enjoy the beautiful underwater. Underwater scenery is very beautiful. There are many coral reefs and various types of fish. This is what makes Nglambor Beach as a favorite beach for snorkeling. Not only snorkeling, we can also swim to enjoy its warm sea water.

The southern coast is usually famous for mythical and mystical stories, but it is different from Nglambor beach which is far from mystical word. However, this beach is also used as a place of execution of tradition of sea alms ceremony like other beaches. Sea alms ceremony is called "Ngalangi" which in Indonesian means "Menghalangi" and in English is “Blocking”. The ceremony also aims to ban local people from catching fish around this beach. Residents or fishermen can only catch fish around this beach once a year only. Residents around this beach also have the awareness to always keep the beach clean, so the beach is always clean from the garbage.

If we want to come to this beach, we only need to pay entrance fee for RP. 5,000. But we must walk to the beach because of the narrow road. Our vehicle can we parker by paying about Rp. 2,000-5000 only. It is cheap enough is not it?

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