Friday, November 24, 2017

The Simple Dance That You Always Learn in School on Art Subjects

If you hear Batak, what's on your mind? You might imagine people who have a strong temperament. But before you think like that, let's find out first. What is batak? Batak is one of the largest tribes in Indonesia that comes from North Sumatra. The tribe has a unique name in their last name that indicates their family identity or it is called a "clan". Batak also has many traditions, culture and art. One of them is “Tari Tor Tor or “Tor Tor Dance”. You must know with this dance, because when you were in school, you studied it on art subjects.

And for those of you who still do not know, what is Tor Tor dance? Tor Tor dance is a dance derived from the Batak tribe that performed by a group of dancers accompanied by a traditional music called "Gondang". Generally, this dance is performed during the ceremony. Tor Tor dance is not just a dance, but this dance also has a meaning as a medium of communication between participants of the ceremony. It can be seen from his movements.

Tor Tor dance cannot be separated from Gondang, because before the event begins, host (Hasuhutan) perform a special event called Tua ni Gondang, so the blessing of gondang sabangunan. In the implementation of this dance is very unique, host (Hasuhutan) must make a request first to the drum gondang. In making a request, the host (Hasuhutan) should use polite words. This request is a request to the gods for the whole family of the host to gain health and well-being. Every request spoken, gondang will be played with a different rhythm. And after the request is complete, the dancers group out to set their standing position at the time of dancing.

Every Tor Tor dancer should wear “Ulos” and use musical instruments / gondang (Uninguningan). There are many taboos that are not allowed during a torpedo, such as the dancer's hand should not cross the shoulder-high limit, if it does mean that the dancer is ready to challenge anyone in the field of shamanism, or a martial arts race, or a fight mental energy and others.

Tor Tor dance is one of the cultural identities of Indonesian art that we must always keep and we preserve. Although some of us are not from Batak tribe, but what's wrong with us learning this dance?

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