Monday, October 16, 2017

Are You a Man? It's Time You Change Your Dress Style With Some of the Clothes Below!

Talking about fashion appearances, it is not just women who always think about it. Men are also very concerned about their appearance from styles of clothes, hairstyles, even to their lifestyle. But men's fashion style is simpler than women's fashion style. They just choose to dress more neatly and look casual.
In 2017, there are several kinds of men"s dresses style that can be applied for daily appearance, including:
Clothing made from denim or jeans
as in previous years, denim or jeans will always be a trend throughout the ages. In addition to the casual look, denim is also suitable for formal occasions. This type of clothing can be combined with jeans pants. These clothes are also suitable to wear when relaxing or attending formal events.

Clothes and striped patterns (gingham and striped pattern)
Clothing with this motif becomes a trend back because it is suitable for use by various body shapes, only the selection of the motive must be true. For people with lean bodies should choose clothes with plaid motifs and large horizontal lines. As for those who are obese, it is advisable to use a plaid motif or a small vertical stripe motif. This outfit is suitable to be worn during formal events only or when you are working at the office.

Floral pattern clothes
Clothing with flower motif is believed to create a relaxed and friendly impression. However, you should be careful in choosing the motive because if wrong in the selection may actually make your appearance so impressed feminine. Therefore, in choosing clothes or clothes men with flower motifs should choose a smaller motif, or a large motif with a color that is not conspicuous to avoid the impression feminine.
Clothing embroidery motif
Embroidery motifs that can be an option such as embroidered florist and geometric motifs. As for things that must be considered in choosing this outfit is the selection of simple motifs and not too crowded to stay can be adjusted with subordinates.

Some types of clothing above you can apply on everyday appearance when you are relaxing or being in a formal event.

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