Monday, October 23, 2017

It's Time to Go to the Museum to Add Your Collection of Tourist Attractions! “Museum Wayang Jakarta"

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia which is famous for its crowd. But behind it, Jakarta also has a museum that is quite famous; the museum is a “Museum Wayang” or in English is “Puppet Museum”.

The puppet museum is located within the old city tourist area which is very close to the Jakarta History Museum, precisely located on Jl. North Main Door No.27, Special Area Capital of Jakarta 11110.

The building was built in 1640 and named the De Oude Hollandsche Kerk ("Old Dutch Church"). But the building is also undergoing some renovations. In 1732 there was an earthquake and damaged the building so that it needed repair and the building was renamed De Nieuwe Hollandse Kerk (Dutch New Church) until 1808. Then on 13 August 1975, a building of puppet museum was built and inaugurated its use as a museum.

As the name implies, this museum exhibits various types of puppets made of wood, and leather as well as other materials. The collections of puppets from various regions in Indonesia are from Banyumas, Cirebon, Gedog, Kedu, Kaper, Kijang Kencana, Klitik, Madia Krucil, Ngabean, Sadat, Sasak, Suluh, Surakarta, Tejokusuman, Measure, and Revelation. There is also a collection of masks, gamelan, documents, maps and old photographs. Puppet Museum Jakarta has a collection of 4000 puppets and dolls from various places at home and abroad. Among the overseas puppet collections are from India, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Thailand, Suriname, China, Vietnam, and Colombia. So the puppets on display not only come from Indonesia alone but come from neighboring countries.

If you want to visit this museum, you can come every day except Monday. For Tuesday to Friday the museum is open from 09:00 am to 15:00 pm. while for Saturday and Sunday the museum is open from 09.00 am to 20:00 pm.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Know and Understand About the Beauty of the Arts of East Java: Reog Ponorogo

If you hear “Ponorogo”, what is on your mind? Surely you will imagine the art that comes from the city that is “Reog Ponorogo”. Reog Ponorogo is a traditional art that comes from Ponorogo city, East Java.

This art history has many versions among the people. But the most popular version is the story of “King Ponorogo” who intends to apply for Kediri's daughter, “Dewi Ragil Kuning”, but on the way he was intercepted by Raja Singabarong from Kediri. Raja Singabarong's troops consist of peacock and lion, while from the Ponorogo Kingdom “King Kelono” and his Deputy “Bujang Anom”, escorted by “Warok” (men dressed in black in dance), and “Warok” has deadly black magic. The whole dance is a war dance between the “Kingdom of Kediri” and the “Kingdom of Ponorogo”, and complains black magic between the two, the dancers in a state of "possessed" while staging the dance.

In Reog Ponorogo there are some figures such as “Jathil”, “Warok”, “Barongan” and “Bujang Ganon”. In his performances, modern Reogs are usually staged in several events such as weddings, circumcisions and national holidays. Reog Ponorogo consists of several series of 2 to 3 opening dance. The first dance is usually performed by 6-8 brave men in black, with red face polished. These dancers portray a brave lion figure. Next, a dance performed by 6-8 girls riding horses. In traditional reog, the dancer is usually played by male dancers who dress in women. This dance is called jelly or “Jathilan Jaran Dance”, which must be distinguished by other dance art that is lumping horse dance. Other opening dances if there is usually a dance by a small child who brought a funny scene called “Bujang Ganong” or “Ganongan”. After the opening dance is over, a new core scene is displayed which depends on the conditions in which the art of reog is displayed. When it comes to marriage, the show is a romance scene.

Reog Ponorogo is a very interesting art, but neighboring country claims it as its own art. It is Malaysia. After “Pendet Dance”, they also claimed “Reog Ponorogo”. For that we as a young generation of Indonesia should always maintain the preservation of our culture.

Are You a Man? It's Time You Change Your Dress Style With Some of the Clothes Below!

Talking about fashion appearances, it is not just women who always think about it. Men are also very concerned about their appearance from styles of clothes, hairstyles, even to their lifestyle. But men's fashion style is simpler than women's fashion style. They just choose to dress more neatly and look casual.
In 2017, there are several kinds of men"s dresses style that can be applied for daily appearance, including:
Clothing made from denim or jeans
as in previous years, denim or jeans will always be a trend throughout the ages. In addition to the casual look, denim is also suitable for formal occasions. This type of clothing can be combined with jeans pants. These clothes are also suitable to wear when relaxing or attending formal events.

Clothes and striped patterns (gingham and striped pattern)
Clothing with this motif becomes a trend back because it is suitable for use by various body shapes, only the selection of the motive must be true. For people with lean bodies should choose clothes with plaid motifs and large horizontal lines. As for those who are obese, it is advisable to use a plaid motif or a small vertical stripe motif. This outfit is suitable to be worn during formal events only or when you are working at the office.

Floral pattern clothes
Clothing with flower motif is believed to create a relaxed and friendly impression. However, you should be careful in choosing the motive because if wrong in the selection may actually make your appearance so impressed feminine. Therefore, in choosing clothes or clothes men with flower motifs should choose a smaller motif, or a large motif with a color that is not conspicuous to avoid the impression feminine.
Clothing embroidery motif
Embroidery motifs that can be an option such as embroidered florist and geometric motifs. As for things that must be considered in choosing this outfit is the selection of simple motifs and not too crowded to stay can be adjusted with subordinates.

Some types of clothing above you can apply on everyday appearance when you are relaxing or being in a formal event.

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