Monday, September 11, 2017

Taste the Delicious Tpical Food of Salt Island Madura : Sate Madura

When you go traveling to some islands in Indonesia do not forget to enjoy the delicacy of typical food. Each region must have its own unique food. One of which is the island of Madura. Madura is called the “Salt Island” because the island is the largest salt-producing island. In addition, Madura also has many typical foods. And the most famous food is “Sate Madura”. Who does not like sate? All local people love it even overseas tourists who come to Indonesia looking for this food just to be tasted.

Sate is one of the typical foods of Madura. Generally sate made from beef as its basic ingredients. However, it is different with sate Madura. Sate Madura is made from chicken or goat meat.

How to make Sate Madura is quite easy. Chicken or goat meat is cut into small pieces and then stabbed using a bamboo prick. After that, the meat is smeared with soy sauce and then burned on coconut shell charcoal until cooked. Finally, coat the sate with peanut sauce and onion sauce. Chicken sate with a unique peanut sauce that makes this sate has a delicious taste, savory and delicious.

Although just imagine it, we can already know if the taste of sate it must be delicious. For that we always love the culinary of our country (Indonesia) because its taste is not inferior to fast food. We do not have to buy Sate Madura to Madura, in other cities also many who sell it like Surabaya, Jember, Medan, Jakarta and other cities. And also we can cook his own because how to cook it is very easy.

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