Sunday, September 3, 2017

Surabaya Foodies: Rujak Cingur

Surabaya is one of the cities which located in East Java. This city is known by the nickname of "The Hero City" or "Kota Pahlawan". In addition, this city also has many unique foods, one of which is "Rujak Cingur".

In Javanese, the word "Cingur" means "Mouth", it is seen in the material of the cow's mouth slices are boiled and mixed into it. This food is called Rujak Cingur because the processed spices used are shrimp and cingur wedges. And that's what distinguishes this rujak with rujak as usual.

Rujak Cingur usually served with a blend of fruits and vegetables. Fruit mixed like bengkoang, pineapple, cucumber, star fruit and so on. While for vegetables such as kale, beans and many others. And for complementary such as lontong and peanut seasoning. This food is much preferred especially Surabaya community.

In its presentation, Rujak Cingur is divided into 2, namely the presentation of "Biasa" and "Matengan". If in "Biasa" presentation, all ingredients can be used like fruit and vegetables. But if in serving "Matengan", just a lontong and vegetables are used.

So, if you come to this hero city do not forget to taste this Rujak Cingur according to your taste in the form of presentation. In addition to the cheap price of about 15 thousands you will feel the pleasure of this rujak.

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