Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sunda Foodies: The Special Taste of “Nasi Timbel”

Indonesia consists of many tribes, such as the tribe of Java, Madura, Batak, Sunda, and many more. Each of the tribe has a culture, traditions, and even has a very tasty special food.

One of them is Sunda. Sunda is famous for culinary paradise because it has many typical foods that are very delicious. One of which is “Nasi Timbel”.

“Nasi Timbel” or in Sundanese language is “Sangu Timeul” is Indonesian Typical food of Sunda, West Java. Formerly the farmers before going to the fields or rice fields always bring lunch for lunch complete with side dishes, then since it was known as “Nasi Timbel”. Before it is becoming famous, “Nasi Timbel” is already famous first in Sunda (West Java). And eventually spread throughout Indonesia.

“Nasi Timbel” is almost the same as regular rice in general. But there is little difference in the presentation. “Nasi Timbel” wrapped in banana leaves and using good quality rice. “Nasi Timbel” has a very delicious taste because it is served complete with fried chicken/grilled chicken/fried empal, tofu and fried tempe, salted fish, corn banana, vegetables, and chili paste.

If you want to enjoy the delicacy of this food, you can come directly to West Java like Bandung, Tasikmalaya and other cities. Or you can create your own home by reading the recipe in some articles. Good luck! And enjoy it!

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