Monday, September 11, 2017

Move Your Body With This Beautiful Dance: Tari Pendet Bali

If we ask about the most famous island in Indonesia around the world, of course the answer is Bali Island. Who does not know about the beauty of the island? Many local tourists and international tourists who come to enjoy the beauty of tourism along with the tradition and culture that are still quite attached.

There are many reasons why many tourists come. One of which is the beauty of the beach and the freshness of the landscape on the island. In addition, Bali has a unique dance art, namely “Tari Pendet” or in English is “Pendet Dance”. It is a dance that was recognized by the neighboring country of Malaysia.

At the beginning of its emergence, “Tari Pendet” is a cult dance that is widely exhibited in the temple, the place of worship of Hindus in Bali, Indonesia. This dance symbolizes the welcoming of the descent of the gods into the natural world. But with the passage of time, this dance turned into a welcome dance for the guests. This dance is one of Balinese traditional dances that is very famous and often displayed various events such as welcoming big guests and other cultural events. “ Tari Pendet ” is usually played by the female dancers with a bowl containing a variety of flowers that became his trademark.

“ Tari Pendet ” has a more dynamic motion patterns than “ Tari Pendet ” performed in groups or in pairs. Usually the “ Tari Pendet ” is performed after the “Tari Rejang” at the temple courtyard and usually faces the holy (Pelinggih) by wearing ceremonial attire and each dancer brings sangku, jug, saucer, and other offerings.

“Pendet Dance” has two functions based on its type of “Tari Pendet Sakral” and “Tari Pendet Penyambutan”. For “Tari Pendet Sakral” is displayed as part of the religious rituals of Balinese people. While for the “Tari Pendet Penyambutan” more focused beauty both in terms of motion, clothing, and beauty of the dancers. However, the cultural elements of Balinese society are still attached to this welcoming dance.

Thus, our country (Indonesia) has so many cultures that we must always keep and preserve. So that our country's distinctive state is not recognized by neighboring countries.

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