Thursday, September 7, 2017

Jakarta Has a Big Doll That Can Walk: Ondel-Ondel

Guess what! What is the name of the capital city of Indonesia? The answer is Jakarta. Jakarta is a Metropolitan city inhabited by many residents comes from several regions, both from Java and other islands. Jakarta is famous for a very crowded life. Traffic congestion and flooding has become a major problem that is difficult to solve in this city. However, did you know that Jakarta still has a local art that until now still maintained its sustainability? It is “Ondel-Ondel”.

Ondel-Ondel is a Betawi folk show that is often featured in folk festivals to portray the ancestors who always guard their grandchildren and the people of one village. Ondel-Ondel is a large doll that has a height of about 2.5 meters with a diameter of ± 80 cm. This doll is made of woven bamboo that is prepared so that easily borne from it. The face is a mask, with head hair made from fibers.

Ondel-ondel face is divided into two namely men and women. Ondel-Ondel men are usually painted in red, while the women are white. Ondel Ondel beautifully decorated and covered with cloth as clothes. How to play Ondel-Ondel is someone into the doll and walk while dancing to the accompaniment of music. Accompaniment music in the form of Tanjidor, Pencak Betawi or Bende depending on each entourage

From the beginning of its emergence, Onde- Ondel has a mystical function that is to ward off evil spirits that haunt people. But over time, Ondel-Ondel is used to entertain the local community and outside the region. Even Ondel-Ondel is used to add splendor of folk feasts or to the welcome of honorable guests.

In this modern era especially in Jakarta which is very famous for the influence of western culture, Ondel-Ondel still survive and become decorate face metropolitan city of Jakarta.

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