Friday, September 22, 2017

Do You Want to Meet Directly With A Giant Lizard? Just Come to this Island! : "Komodo Island

Have you explored every tourism places in Indonesia? As we know, Indonesia has many beautiful tourism places that are able to attract by local and foreign tourists. It is like a mountain or a beach and others. In addition, Indonesia also has many islands one of them is “Pulau komodo” or in English is “Komodo Island”.

Komodo Island
is an island that entered into the area of “Taman Nasional Komodo” with others islands in NTT. This island is considered as the largest habitat for Komodo. Komodo is kind of lizard but it has big size, so we call it is the big lizard. However, this animal is very wild.

Komodo Island is an island that must be protected as in 1986; UNESCO set this tourism place as one of the world heritage. Moreover, in 2011 this island in to the New Seven Wonders of Nature.

Komodo Island presents the beauty of land and under the sea. We can do trekking and snorkeling there. For trekking, we can explore this island with our group, but we will accompanied by ranger or guide. As long as we explore it, we will meet with some Komodo that are hunting prey or just resting under the tree. Our ranger will give us a branch rods used as protectors when attached by Komodo. So, we must be careful.

How about the underwater beauty? Snorkeling on the Komodo Island is very exciting because this island is also famous for its natural beauty under the sea and became one of the favorite dive sites. One of the highlights of this island is the “Pink Beach”. Pink beach is a beach that there are only seven in the world. The pink color comes from the crushed coral fragments and mixed with the sand of the beach. When exposed to the waves, the color will look more beautiful.

Enjoy a beautiful tourist spot no need to go far to another country. It is just enough to explore our own country that has no less beautiful attractions than other countries.


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