Monday, August 14, 2017

Wanna a Bohemian Style? Just Read It!

Talking about fashion is very interesting. Fashion will not separate from human life. Such as, fashion of hair or fashion of clothing. With fashion, the identity and character of a human will be seen. From year to year, fashion will change and grow.

One of them is quite attractive is Boho Style or Bohemian Style. This style is often applied by some artists like Vanessa Hudgens and Mary-Kate Olsen. In the mid-19th Century, Bohemian was used in Europe to show the identity of a group of art lovers and freedom. Therefore, the clothes are made from thin and colorful.

The Bohemian Style does not have character and this style is present due to irregularity and uncertainty. All are made spontaneously and the most important thing is this style is far from luxurious and expensive impression. The items that must have in order to appear in Bohemian Style, such as: Maxi dress, Hair band, Printed Maxi dress, Gladiator’s Sandals, Boots, Cardigan and Sweater, T-Shirt and Unique Blouse, Vest and Jeans.

How to Perform in Bohemian Style?
To look like Bohemian Style, loose T-Shirt is used with Jeans. In addition, long dress with ethnic motifs that have colors such as yellow, green and brown can also be used. As a complement, use accessories made of suede, leather, or wood for example are like fringe bag and headband. And the last is to use boots or gladiator’s sandals to look more like a Bohemian Style.

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