Sunday, August 6, 2017

Look at The Beautiful Beach: Watu Ulo

Watu Ulo is one of the tourist sites which lie on the Indonesian ocean. There is beautiful scenery at this site and it is the perfect place to enjoy the sea. Watu Ulo Beach, in Javanese means Batu Ular. It is located in Sumberejo Village Ambulu District.  It is About 40 Km of south Jember city. It is called Watu Ulo as it refers to a series of coral reefs extending from the coast to the sea. 

And the natives believe that in the past there was a snake who was becoming a spirit. After becoming a spirit, it became a stone resembling a snake, sticking into the sea with its body lying on the land. During the Japanese occupation, the Japanese soldiers made fortresses which were used for fortifying against the attacking enemies and now some of the fortresses have become tourist sites.

The beach is mostly visited during holidays or regular days. The beauty of the beach and the nature around of the beach make this beach is famous in the area of ​​Jember. In addition, every 7th day of Shawwal or during the feast of Ketupat, always held the ceremony of Larung Sesaji, the fishermen throw offerings to the sea as a sign of offerings and thanksgiving.

Watu Ulo beach area is still a lot of other attractions you can visit, such as Payangan Beach, Japanese Cave and Lawa Cave which is a historic place of World War II relic that inhabited hundreds of thousands of bats. This cave can be entered by visitors with a walk through the sandy beach. The lonely cave is often used for meditation by visitors. However tourists should remember that the cave is 100m in depth.

How to go there?
If you want to go there, you can go there by car or motorcycle. Route to Watu Ulo Beach from Surabaya - Pasuruan - Probolinggo - Lumajang - Tanggul - Jember - Ambulu - Pantai Watu Ulo. For those from the direction of Surabaya, there are two alternatives when you arrived at Lumajang. Turn left you will pass the city of Tanggul to Jember City, and if you take the straight direction you pass the route as follows: Lumajang - Yosowilangun - Kencong - Balung - Ambulu - Watu Ulo beach location. With a very cheap ticket price of less than Rp 5,000 you can enjoy the incredible natural scenery. Also the facilities provided are quite complete including Playground, Camping Ground, Souvenir Shop, Food and Beverage Stalls, Musholla, and Hotmixed Road.

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