Monday, August 14, 2017

Banyuwangi Foodies, How does Tahu Walik taste?

When discussing about the beauty of tourism in an area, do not forget also to enjoy the culinary of the area. Because culinary has become an integral part of tourism. Each region has a typical food which has a fairly diverse taste. Such as Banyuwangi. The city called "Kota Gandrung" has a food that is quite unique with tofu as its main ingredient namely “Tahu Walik”.

Tahu Walik made from the deposition of soybean juice has been known since the Han dynasty 2200 years ago from the Chinese state. Tahu Walik comes from the java language walik which has the meaning Terbalik or in English is upside down. That word made everyone who heard it curious and eager to eat it. These snacks are savored by local people but also began to be sought by tourists who come to enjoy the beauty of tourism from the city.

Tahu Walik almost the same as tofu meatballs, it is like tofu split and given meatball meat in it but different from the appearance. Tofu that has been split and then both sides reversed or rotated so that the tofu skin is inside and the tofu meat is outside, then meatball meat is placed on the inside. Then fried it until cooked.

Its unique look and delicious taste make everyone feel addictive and want to continue to eat it. Tahu Walik can be eaten with extra spice in the form of red sugar fish that taste spicy and sweet. The price of this snack is also quite cheap around Rp.500- Rp1.000 per seed. Many locations that have sold Tahu Walik, so no need to worry again to always be able to enjoy it all over the city Banyuwangi.

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