Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Get the Benefits of Greek Yogurt for the Body!

Many people want to live healthy and have a beautiful body. There are various methods were done such as exercise, diet and maintain food intake to body, one of them by consuming yogurt. Yogurt is one type of food or beverage that is very beneficial for health which made from milk that has been in fermentation. There are various kinds of yogurt one of them is Greek yogurt which has many benefits.

This kind of yogurt is more viscous and solid than yogurt in general - because the effect is filtered to separate the liquid to produce a thicker texture. Generally the color of it is white, it can be eaten away or as one of the ingredients of food. This yogurt can also be a healthier butter alternative. Sour taste was not much different from most yogurts.
There are a lot of benefits are owned by Greek yogurt is mainly for the health of the body, they are:
·         It’s higher in protein
According to US News, Greek yogurt is superior because it has higher protein content - this can serve to hold the hunger longer.
·         Its texture is denser, Slick yet gentle
With a texture like that make it easier to unite with salad or smeared over bread. It also can be applied as a face mask, with the condition select a plain yogurt.
·         It’s lower in carbohydrates
Carbohydrate content in Greek yogurt is lower than most yogurt. Therefore, it is relatively safe to enjoy good carbohydrate sources such as oatmeal and whole meal bread.
·         It’s higher in calcium
Such as other yogurt, Greek yogurt is a good source of calcium for the body. With conditions, Greek yogurt is chosen plain, because if it is added sugar it will increase the caloric content significantly.
·         It’s safe for the body
The taste is tasty and it is not too sour, so it will be fine if we eat Greek yogurt before eating heavy. So it is not dangerous for ulcer patients.

Do you still want to have a healthy lifestyle and a beautiful body? Regularly consume this kind of yogurt! And you will definitely get the body and health you desire.

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