Monday, August 14, 2017

Enjoy the best food in the world from Indonesia: Rendang

Indonesia is one of the Asian countries that is famous for the beauty of tourism, the diversity of tradition and culture and the delights of its traditional cuisine. As we know, Indonesian traditional cuisine has a distinctive taste and no less delicious with foreign cuisine. In fact, many people who come from overseas who love Indonesian cuisine. Like traditional cuisine this one that we often call it “Rendang”. Rendang into the world's become number 1 most delicious dish in the list of the world's 50 most delicious foods by CNN international in 2001.

Rendang is a traditional cuisine that comes from one of the provinces in Indonesia, namely West Sumatera. Rendang is a dish with basic ingredients of meat that has a spicy flavor with cooked herbs and coconut milk. The process of making it long enough, it is about 4 hours because it is cooked to dry and dark black. Rendang can last for weeks.

There are two types of rendang, namely:
1. Dried rendang. Rendang cooked for hours to dry and generally served for special occasions such as traditional ceremonies
2. Wet rendang. Rendang cooked in a shorter time with coconut milk has not dried perfectly and only able to survive in a period of less than 1 week.

In general, rendang only uses beef only. But along with the development of the era and creativity of Indonesian society, rendang can be made using duck meat, liver, eggs, lung, and tuna. Rendang not only known in Indonesia alone, but some neighboring countries also have known rendang such as malaysia, singapore even the Netherlands. For that, keep watch and preserve the traditional cuisine of Indonesia.

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