Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Beautify the Shape of Your Nails With Nail Art!

In the fashion world has known manicure as a technique to enhance your nails to support the appearance. Because, many women who feel not yet perform optimally if the nails are not treated and beautified. Not only the hair and the clothes that they noticed, but all parts of the women body should look beautiful and have a thick artistic value. Manicure techniques that used to only use nail polish and simple equipment, now evolving into more unique high artistic value. In a moment, many nail designers who create the form, color, and texture of nail art which is artistic.

But in terms of beautifying your knee, you also can not carelessly decorate your nails. You should adjust it to the shape of your fingernails as well in order to make your fingers look longer, slender, and sexy with the following nail shape choices.

There are several choices of nail shapes that you can apply, such as:
·         Round: Make the fingers shorter and fatter look longer.
The simple and classic rounded nail shape is the easiest form to keep the shape in order to stay beautiful before cutting it again.

·         Oval: Enlarge and extend the appearance of nails.
This form is most commonly found in runways. Its long curved and feminine shape will add to the impression of your kitten wider and longer.

·         Square: Widen the impression of the nail, and make it appear shorter.
The square shape with a straight edge still looks pretty. This form is also not easily broken, so it is perfect for you who do not have much time to take care of nails.

·         Squoval: Minimalist style.
Squoval has a somewhat oval and slightly square shape. This shape is suitable for all shapes and sizes of hand. Squoval is also well suited to be combined with geometric nail art or creamy pastel colors.

·         Coffin and Ballerina: Acrylic nail lover.
This nail shape is long and slender, with a square cut end, resulting in a shape like a coffin or ballerina shoes, as the name implies. However, this form requires routine maintenance because of its more complicated design.

·         Almond: Finger long and slim.
In an instant, this shape makes your fingers look slimmer and longer.

·         Stiletto: Extend nails and fingers.
Although this form looks very sexy, but you should really consider it before trying it because the form of stiletto nails require high level of care.

So, now you can choose the shape of the fingernails that match with your finger to make your appearance more perfect.

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