Thursday, August 10, 2017

Balekambang Beach : Most Popular Place

Indonesia is a country which is famous for its tourism beauty. There are many beautiful places that became the main destination of local and foreign tourists when they come. One of them is beach tourism which located in various islands in Indonesia. Balekambang beach is one of the beaches located in the city of Malang and is currently a prima donna because of its beauty. This beach has a temple that is located on one of the island there and has almost the same landscape with the Tanah Lot Beach in Bali so this beach is dubbed with Tanah Lot beach in East Java

Balekambang beach is located in Sumber Jambe, Srigonco, Bantur, Malang, and East Java. This beach can be reached as far as 60-65 km from downtown. Actually this beach has been known and visited by the local society since 1978. And more known after the regent of Malang, Eddy Slamet inaugurated this beach became one of the tourist attractions in 1983. The access to this place is very easy but visitors must remain cautious because a sharp cornering inclines.

Besides as a tourist place, Balekambang beach is also referred to as religious attractions because thousands of visitors especially Muslims come to this beach to perform rituals. It is done because there is the tomb of Syaikh Abdul Jalil, the person who first built this beach. In the other hand, Hindus also perform rituals on this beach precisely on Nyepi because there is temple that is on one of the islands. This tradition is highly awaited by tourists.

This beach stretches up to 2 km and is very clean. Visitors can walk on the sand while enjoying the waves. However, visitors must remain cautious while swimming because big waves often come on this beach. You can also enjoy the beauty of sunrise and sunset. Therefore, it is advisable to stay at this beach and the price of lodging is very affordable, it is only about 150-250 per night.

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