Monday, August 21, 2017

Semeru: The highest mountain on the island of Java

Indonesia does not only have many beautiful beaches. But there are so many beautiful tourist places inside it like a mountain. There are a lot of beautiful mountains that exist in some areas of Indonesia. There are some famous mountains in Indonesia such as Rinjani, Bromo, Kawah Ijen etc. But the most famous one is the Semeru. Not only the local tourist who came to climb the mountain, but many tourists from abroad also who come from their country just to enjoy the sensation when climbing this mountain.

Semeru is included in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area. With an area of 50,273 hectares, this national park is also the location of the establishment of other mountains such as Bromo, Batok and Widodaren. But among all these mountains, Semeru is the most towering with a height of 3667 meters above sea level. Because of the height of the mountain, making it a magnet for climbers to come and conquer it.

In addition to being a climbing location, Semeru also becomes a tourist attraction. Located in the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, this mountain is also rich in vegetation and become a habitat for many types of fauna. Throughout the climb, at certain points you can find edelweiss flowers and endemic orchids Semeru.

To climb Mount Semeru, you need to prepare physically well because the trip to the top of Mahameru is not easy. Make sure you bring climbing gear and leave unneeded items in order not to overload you. Here's a climbing route that you can take to reach the top of Mahameru: The journey starts from the village of Ranu Pane to Ranu Kumbolo via Watu Rejeng which takes 4 hours trip, through 4 main post. Post 1 in 2 hours travel time with sloping road conditions and not uphill, proceed to Pos 2 duration 15 minutes, then go to Pos 3 duration last 30 minutes go to Pos 3 duration 1 hour journey that is through dusty road and Uphill, and finally reached Ranu Kumbolo for 30 minutes. At Lake Ranu Kumbolo you can set up a tent for rest before proceeding to the summit of Mahamaru.

Next trip in proceed from Ranu Kumbolo to Kalimati duration of 3 hours drive through the climb of Love, oro - oro ombo (garden edelweis), Cemoro cage and arrived in Kalimati. At this dead time you can set up your tent again to prepare for climbing Mahameru peak which will start at night.

From the sentence you make preparations to conquer Mount Semeru, Travel at starting at 12 pm to Mahameru Peak through Arcopodo route duration of 2 hours with winding and uphill road conditions, then from Arcopodo up again upward, slope position almost 60 degrees to Peak Mahameru with a duration of 3 hours trekking, the last vegetation area and the terrain filled with sand. The total journey is 5 hours from Kalimati to the top of Mahameru.

The climb is very long and takes a long time is very tiring, but when we get to the top Mahameru, there we will see a very remarkable view; even we can touch the clouds. So that fatigue will turn into a sense of pleasure that cannot be disclosed. We can express gratitude because we already have a very amazing country.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Jember Foodies: The Sweet of Suwar Suwir!

After discussing about typical food of Banyuwangi "Tahu Walik", this time Pesona Lokal will discuss about typical food of the neighboring city of Banyuwangi. That is Jember. Jember which also has a lot of beauty of tourism, especially beaches and it is known as the City carnival, also has a special food called Suwar Suwir. From the name is very unique and it is able to make people curious to eat it.

Suwar Suwir is a snack made from tape (fermentation from cassava) which is processed in such a way. Suwar Suwir made of cassava tape mixed with sugar, milk, and chocolate. The mixture of these ingredients produces Suwar Suwir that has sweet taste. This food has a slightly tougher texture than Dodol, but when it comes into our mouths sweet taste like melting and makes us addicted to continue to enjoy it.

Suwar Suwir has a rectangular shape measuring 3-4 centimeters. Suwar Suwir consists of various flavors. Initially Suwar Suwir only has two flavors, which are taste of chocolate and vanilla. But with the passage of time and creativity of the community, this food has a variety of flavors such as durian, pineapple, mango, orange, apple, watermelon, melon, grapes, papaya, strawberry, vanilla, and also chocolate.

Suwar Suwir has become the typical food of Jember. So every want to come to Jember, do not forget to put Suwar Suwir in souvenir list. Because, this food is perfect to be enjoyed while relaxing with family or friends with a glass of coffee or tea.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Beautify the Shape of Your Nails With Nail Art!

In the fashion world has known manicure as a technique to enhance your nails to support the appearance. Because, many women who feel not yet perform optimally if the nails are not treated and beautified. Not only the hair and the clothes that they noticed, but all parts of the women body should look beautiful and have a thick artistic value. Manicure techniques that used to only use nail polish and simple equipment, now evolving into more unique high artistic value. In a moment, many nail designers who create the form, color, and texture of nail art which is artistic.

But in terms of beautifying your knee, you also can not carelessly decorate your nails. You should adjust it to the shape of your fingernails as well in order to make your fingers look longer, slender, and sexy with the following nail shape choices.

There are several choices of nail shapes that you can apply, such as:
·         Round: Make the fingers shorter and fatter look longer.
The simple and classic rounded nail shape is the easiest form to keep the shape in order to stay beautiful before cutting it again.

·         Oval: Enlarge and extend the appearance of nails.
This form is most commonly found in runways. Its long curved and feminine shape will add to the impression of your kitten wider and longer.

·         Square: Widen the impression of the nail, and make it appear shorter.
The square shape with a straight edge still looks pretty. This form is also not easily broken, so it is perfect for you who do not have much time to take care of nails.

·         Squoval: Minimalist style.
Squoval has a somewhat oval and slightly square shape. This shape is suitable for all shapes and sizes of hand. Squoval is also well suited to be combined with geometric nail art or creamy pastel colors.

·         Coffin and Ballerina: Acrylic nail lover.
This nail shape is long and slender, with a square cut end, resulting in a shape like a coffin or ballerina shoes, as the name implies. However, this form requires routine maintenance because of its more complicated design.

·         Almond: Finger long and slim.
In an instant, this shape makes your fingers look slimmer and longer.

·         Stiletto: Extend nails and fingers.
Although this form looks very sexy, but you should really consider it before trying it because the form of stiletto nails require high level of care.

So, now you can choose the shape of the fingernails that match with your finger to make your appearance more perfect.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Enjoy the best food in the world from Indonesia: Rendang

Indonesia is one of the Asian countries that is famous for the beauty of tourism, the diversity of tradition and culture and the delights of its traditional cuisine. As we know, Indonesian traditional cuisine has a distinctive taste and no less delicious with foreign cuisine. In fact, many people who come from overseas who love Indonesian cuisine. Like traditional cuisine this one that we often call it “Rendang”. Rendang into the world's become number 1 most delicious dish in the list of the world's 50 most delicious foods by CNN international in 2001.

Rendang is a traditional cuisine that comes from one of the provinces in Indonesia, namely West Sumatera. Rendang is a dish with basic ingredients of meat that has a spicy flavor with cooked herbs and coconut milk. The process of making it long enough, it is about 4 hours because it is cooked to dry and dark black. Rendang can last for weeks.

There are two types of rendang, namely:
1. Dried rendang. Rendang cooked for hours to dry and generally served for special occasions such as traditional ceremonies
2. Wet rendang. Rendang cooked in a shorter time with coconut milk has not dried perfectly and only able to survive in a period of less than 1 week.

In general, rendang only uses beef only. But along with the development of the era and creativity of Indonesian society, rendang can be made using duck meat, liver, eggs, lung, and tuna. Rendang not only known in Indonesia alone, but some neighboring countries also have known rendang such as malaysia, singapore even the Netherlands. For that, keep watch and preserve the traditional cuisine of Indonesia.

Banyuwangi Foodies, How does Tahu Walik taste?

When discussing about the beauty of tourism in an area, do not forget also to enjoy the culinary of the area. Because culinary has become an integral part of tourism. Each region has a typical food which has a fairly diverse taste. Such as Banyuwangi. The city called "Kota Gandrung" has a food that is quite unique with tofu as its main ingredient namely “Tahu Walik”.

Tahu Walik made from the deposition of soybean juice has been known since the Han dynasty 2200 years ago from the Chinese state. Tahu Walik comes from the java language walik which has the meaning Terbalik or in English is upside down. That word made everyone who heard it curious and eager to eat it. These snacks are savored by local people but also began to be sought by tourists who come to enjoy the beauty of tourism from the city.

Tahu Walik almost the same as tofu meatballs, it is like tofu split and given meatball meat in it but different from the appearance. Tofu that has been split and then both sides reversed or rotated so that the tofu skin is inside and the tofu meat is outside, then meatball meat is placed on the inside. Then fried it until cooked.

Its unique look and delicious taste make everyone feel addictive and want to continue to eat it. Tahu Walik can be eaten with extra spice in the form of red sugar fish that taste spicy and sweet. The price of this snack is also quite cheap around Rp.500- Rp1.000 per seed. Many locations that have sold Tahu Walik, so no need to worry again to always be able to enjoy it all over the city Banyuwangi.

Wanna a Bohemian Style? Just Read It!

Talking about fashion is very interesting. Fashion will not separate from human life. Such as, fashion of hair or fashion of clothing. With fashion, the identity and character of a human will be seen. From year to year, fashion will change and grow.

One of them is quite attractive is Boho Style or Bohemian Style. This style is often applied by some artists like Vanessa Hudgens and Mary-Kate Olsen. In the mid-19th Century, Bohemian was used in Europe to show the identity of a group of art lovers and freedom. Therefore, the clothes are made from thin and colorful.

The Bohemian Style does not have character and this style is present due to irregularity and uncertainty. All are made spontaneously and the most important thing is this style is far from luxurious and expensive impression. The items that must have in order to appear in Bohemian Style, such as: Maxi dress, Hair band, Printed Maxi dress, Gladiator’s Sandals, Boots, Cardigan and Sweater, T-Shirt and Unique Blouse, Vest and Jeans.

How to Perform in Bohemian Style?
To look like Bohemian Style, loose T-Shirt is used with Jeans. In addition, long dress with ethnic motifs that have colors such as yellow, green and brown can also be used. As a complement, use accessories made of suede, leather, or wood for example are like fringe bag and headband. And the last is to use boots or gladiator’s sandals to look more like a Bohemian Style.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Balekambang Beach : Most Popular Place

Indonesia is a country which is famous for its tourism beauty. There are many beautiful places that became the main destination of local and foreign tourists when they come. One of them is beach tourism which located in various islands in Indonesia. Balekambang beach is one of the beaches located in the city of Malang and is currently a prima donna because of its beauty. This beach has a temple that is located on one of the island there and has almost the same landscape with the Tanah Lot Beach in Bali so this beach is dubbed with Tanah Lot beach in East Java

Balekambang beach is located in Sumber Jambe, Srigonco, Bantur, Malang, and East Java. This beach can be reached as far as 60-65 km from downtown. Actually this beach has been known and visited by the local society since 1978. And more known after the regent of Malang, Eddy Slamet inaugurated this beach became one of the tourist attractions in 1983. The access to this place is very easy but visitors must remain cautious because a sharp cornering inclines.

Besides as a tourist place, Balekambang beach is also referred to as religious attractions because thousands of visitors especially Muslims come to this beach to perform rituals. It is done because there is the tomb of Syaikh Abdul Jalil, the person who first built this beach. In the other hand, Hindus also perform rituals on this beach precisely on Nyepi because there is temple that is on one of the islands. This tradition is highly awaited by tourists.

This beach stretches up to 2 km and is very clean. Visitors can walk on the sand while enjoying the waves. However, visitors must remain cautious while swimming because big waves often come on this beach. You can also enjoy the beauty of sunrise and sunset. Therefore, it is advisable to stay at this beach and the price of lodging is very affordable, it is only about 150-250 per night.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Get the Benefits of Greek Yogurt for the Body!

Many people want to live healthy and have a beautiful body. There are various methods were done such as exercise, diet and maintain food intake to body, one of them by consuming yogurt. Yogurt is one type of food or beverage that is very beneficial for health which made from milk that has been in fermentation. There are various kinds of yogurt one of them is Greek yogurt which has many benefits.

This kind of yogurt is more viscous and solid than yogurt in general - because the effect is filtered to separate the liquid to produce a thicker texture. Generally the color of it is white, it can be eaten away or as one of the ingredients of food. This yogurt can also be a healthier butter alternative. Sour taste was not much different from most yogurts.
There are a lot of benefits are owned by Greek yogurt is mainly for the health of the body, they are:
·         It’s higher in protein
According to US News, Greek yogurt is superior because it has higher protein content - this can serve to hold the hunger longer.
·         Its texture is denser, Slick yet gentle
With a texture like that make it easier to unite with salad or smeared over bread. It also can be applied as a face mask, with the condition select a plain yogurt.
·         It’s lower in carbohydrates
Carbohydrate content in Greek yogurt is lower than most yogurt. Therefore, it is relatively safe to enjoy good carbohydrate sources such as oatmeal and whole meal bread.
·         It’s higher in calcium
Such as other yogurt, Greek yogurt is a good source of calcium for the body. With conditions, Greek yogurt is chosen plain, because if it is added sugar it will increase the caloric content significantly.
·         It’s safe for the body
The taste is tasty and it is not too sour, so it will be fine if we eat Greek yogurt before eating heavy. So it is not dangerous for ulcer patients.

Do you still want to have a healthy lifestyle and a beautiful body? Regularly consume this kind of yogurt! And you will definitely get the body and health you desire.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Beautiful Scene of Papuma Beach!

Beside Watu Ulo beach, there is Papuma beach with its white sands that make it more interesting. The beautiful white sand is pleasure to see and to walk on. The beach is always used as the place for sunbathing by foreign tourists. The name of Papuma is referring to Pantai Putih Malikan or white sandy beach. Those who are visiting Papuma beach will have a great time sun-bathing or walking over the white sandy path and enjoying the sunset.

Besides its natural scenic beauty, it is also rich of animals, such as the lizard, forest cock, various birds, wild pig, deer porcupine, scaly anteater and many others. The scenery and atmosphere can be enjoyed more completely at a restaurant which provides Indonesian and Papuma food, a variety of baked fish.

Papuma Cape Coast is located in the district of Ambulu and Wuluhan, Jember, East Java. Papuma beach is a very exotic beach compared to the existing beaches in East Java, because its beautiful and charming sea by having turquoise color tone ocean and a very fine white sand. Hence, it makes Papuma become affordable beach that can visited in East Java. The tourists, both from local and foreign will enjoy the experience in Papuma beach.

Furthermore, by visiting Papuma beach, the visitors can rent a boat to explore the ocean closer while enjoying the sun rise. The coral reef and the tropical forest around the beach will also enchanting the sightseeing after the Siti Hinggil and Goa Lawa.

Siti Hinggil is a coral rock with a height around 50 m above sea level. The visitors can see Papuma’s beach attraction from above. While, Goa Lawa or Lawa Cave, it has 30 m depth and can be achieved at low tide. According to the legend, this cave was the place south sea ruler’s daughter “Dewi Sri Wulan” and the imprisoned place of Kyai Mataram.

The journey from the town of Jember to Turkish Papuma can take quite a long time, so it is advisable for you to stay overnight here. The management has provided some of the inn and cottages at affordable price, around 150000-450000 Rupiah per night. The price of admission to this beach alone 5,000 to 7,000 rupees.

Look at The Beautiful Beach: Watu Ulo

Watu Ulo is one of the tourist sites which lie on the Indonesian ocean. There is beautiful scenery at this site and it is the perfect place to enjoy the sea. Watu Ulo Beach, in Javanese means Batu Ular. It is located in Sumberejo Village Ambulu District.  It is About 40 Km of south Jember city. It is called Watu Ulo as it refers to a series of coral reefs extending from the coast to the sea. 

And the natives believe that in the past there was a snake who was becoming a spirit. After becoming a spirit, it became a stone resembling a snake, sticking into the sea with its body lying on the land. During the Japanese occupation, the Japanese soldiers made fortresses which were used for fortifying against the attacking enemies and now some of the fortresses have become tourist sites.

The beach is mostly visited during holidays or regular days. The beauty of the beach and the nature around of the beach make this beach is famous in the area of ​​Jember. In addition, every 7th day of Shawwal or during the feast of Ketupat, always held the ceremony of Larung Sesaji, the fishermen throw offerings to the sea as a sign of offerings and thanksgiving.

Watu Ulo beach area is still a lot of other attractions you can visit, such as Payangan Beach, Japanese Cave and Lawa Cave which is a historic place of World War II relic that inhabited hundreds of thousands of bats. This cave can be entered by visitors with a walk through the sandy beach. The lonely cave is often used for meditation by visitors. However tourists should remember that the cave is 100m in depth.

How to go there?
If you want to go there, you can go there by car or motorcycle. Route to Watu Ulo Beach from Surabaya - Pasuruan - Probolinggo - Lumajang - Tanggul - Jember - Ambulu - Pantai Watu Ulo. For those from the direction of Surabaya, there are two alternatives when you arrived at Lumajang. Turn left you will pass the city of Tanggul to Jember City, and if you take the straight direction you pass the route as follows: Lumajang - Yosowilangun - Kencong - Balung - Ambulu - Watu Ulo beach location. With a very cheap ticket price of less than Rp 5,000 you can enjoy the incredible natural scenery. Also the facilities provided are quite complete including Playground, Camping Ground, Souvenir Shop, Food and Beverage Stalls, Musholla, and Hotmixed Road.


Couple of years ago, I stumbled upon an article about Jember Fashion Carnival (JFC) and has been interested in coming to the ever ever since. Long story short, I managed to convince le parents to go there this year. And well, I must say that it’s one of the best carnival in Indonesia.

Jember is small town located to the east of Surabaya. One can reach the city by plane, by car, or by train. The carnival itself started in 2001 and has different grand theme with several sub-themes presented. This year theme was revival — something about Indonesian “resurrection” in several fields, such as maritime. To get into the carnival area, one can either purchase the general admission ticket (VIP ones cost around IDR 400k/$30) or register to get photographer pass, which can be used to access the backstage area as well — I used this pass to get around.

On the day of the grand carnival, I got to meet some of the participants and talked to them. Basically, their participation is voluntary, and by voluntary I mean they don’t get paid anything to participate. Mind you, these people have to walk several kilometres in their costumes and that’s not even the worst part. The costumes are very heavy, some could even weigh up to 20 kgs not to mention that some paired it with towering high heels……and Jember is located in East Java coastline and it’s so frikkin’ hot there.

The craziest part is that these people has to spend $400-$500 to make the costumes. Some make it on their own while some order it to local craftsmen. Insane right? When I asked why they want to participate, all of them just said that they like participating in the carnival (and most seem so proud to be part of it). From what I heard, they have to undergo through several selection test to be able to participate. The organiser itself will give an award to the best costume, but I couldn’t get any detail on what kind of prize will be given to the winner. Well, it seems to me that it’s not the prize that they’re after anyway. I guess this people are not the type that would be confused if asked what their passion is.



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