Thursday, December 14, 2017

5 Colors of Clothes that You Should Have in the Year 2018!

If we want to recognize an object, we must see the color. Each object must have a variety of interesting colors such as black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, purple and many other. And of course, the color will be the identity of an object and it is able to attract our attention. Like every clothes we wear every day, surely all of them have colors that vary according to our favorite colors and also it is in accordance with current fashion developments. Do you know what color will become a fashion trend in 2018? Here are 5 colors of clothes that you should have in the year 2018!


The orange color will show the cheerful side in you. And it can also create warmth and happiness. Although we rarely wear this brightly colored outfit, but it does not matter if we try it.

Lavender will make us look sweet but still highlight the elegant side. We can also believe that this color also creates a sense of security and familiarity with those around us. It is a good color is not it?

Who does not like this color? Pink color is preferred by women. This color is already a symbol of love for people who are in love. It can be seen on the 14th of February, all places and food will be decorated with pink. For that, when we wear a pink shirt, we will spread love to everyone.

Yellow will give the impression of cheerful, happy, energetic, and a sense of optimism. However, many people are still lacking the confidence to wear this colored outfit because it will look very bright. However, we can wear flowered clothes or just accessories such as bags or shoes are yellow only.

Neutral colors

The colors are included into neutral colors like brown, gray or beige. This color is still quite popular among fashion clothes because we can wear it anytime and anywhere. Besides, neutral colors can also be combined with matching various other colors.

What color do you think will be your favorite fashion trend color in 2018?

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Visiting Batak, Do Not Forget to Taste this Food!

After we discuss about dance art from Batak that is Tor-Tor dance in previous article, this time Pesona Lokal will discuss about food of that tribe. Visiting a tourist site in an area will be incomplete if we do not taste his typical food as well. Like Batak which has many delicious foods that can make us addicted to eat it, one of them is Ikan Mas Arsik.

Ikan Mas Arsik is a Batak typical food based Fish that is captured directly from Lake Toba. This food is also known as yellow seasoning fish. The fish to be cooked is still very fresh without being thrown away. Ikan Mas Arsik also has a taste of savory, sour, sweet and spicy because it uses a typical seasoning of Sumatra, they are andaliman and kecombrang.

The basic ingredients used for cooking Ikan Mas Arsik such as goldfish tail, lemon, lemongrass, ruku-ruku or basil leaves, kecombrang flowers, small mangkokan leaves. As for the ingredients of spices such as red peppers, onion, andaliman, candlenut, turmeric, ginger, galangal, acid, salt. The materials used are quite a lot, but the way of making it very easy.

How to cook Ikan Mas Arsik is only require boiling with the first stage is clean the fish and rub it with lime juice, let it stand for 10 minutes. Then after stuck for 10 minutes, rub the fish with spices that are smoothed, the contents of the abdominal cavity with some spices such as lemon grass and kecombrang. Prepare a pan that has been given lemongrass leaves, put the fish on it. Then, add basil, kecombrang, mangkokan and sour leaves. After that, soak with water and then cooked with fire until cooked and the water runs out. Finally, Ikan Mas Arsik is ready to serve.

But if you feel lazy to cook it at home, you can buy it in some restaurant.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Batik; The Amazing Sarong from Indonesia.

Indonesia has a very distinctive sarong and becomes the identity of that State. This sarong is often used by indigenous Indonesians and even people from other countries. It is called Batik. Batik is a pictorial sarong that is specially made by writing or putting the night on the cloth, then processing is processed in a certain way that has a peculiarity. The motif of Batik also describes the existing culture in Indonesia.

Batik is one of the handicrafts that have high artistic value related to the culture especially in Java Island. In the past, women on the island of Java made their skills to make batik as a livelihood. Tradition to make batik is originally a hereditary tradition; it can be seen from the batik motif that is always the same in a family. The motif of batik also shows the status of a person. However, traditional patterned batik worn by only residents of the palace.

How to make batik was not easy, required special skills and also diligence enough to draw a motif on a cloth. First, wash the mori fabric first, and then insert the mori fabric into the castor oil so that the fabric becomes limp, so that the absorption of the dye is higher. Then, mori fabric hammered to smooth the fabric layer for easy to make batik. Next is to draw the pattern of batik according to taste. To make it easier, the fabric can be drawn first using pencil. Then fill the pattern with color. After that dip the fabric into the liquid color repeatedly so get the desired color. The last stage is to release the whole night (wax) by inserting a cloth that is old enough color into boiling water. Upon lifting, the fabric is rinsed with clean water and then dried up to dry.

Batik has many types that can be seen based on the area of origin and style such as Balinese Batik, Banyumas Batik, Betawi  Batik, Pekalongan  Batik, Solo  Batik, Tasik  Batik, Aceh Batik, Minangkabau Batik, Kraton Batik, Cuwiri Batik, Petani Batik, Sidaluhur Batik and many others.

Batik can be used for formal and semi-formal events. And also can be combined with other model of clothes according to taste.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Hydroponic Educational Garden that is can add Your Knowledge.

 Jember is one of the cities in East Java. This small town is the city that produces the best tobacco. In addition, Jember is also known as the Carnival Festival city called Jember Festival Carnival (JFC). No wonder if many tourists who come to this city to enjoy the unique costume parade. Jember also has many natural attractions such as beaches, but on Thursday 16 November 2011, Jember opened an educational tour called Hydroponic Educational Garden. From the name alone we can imagine there is much science that we will get. Because the tour is not just to enjoy the beauty of nature, but we also can while learn.

So what is hydroponics? Hydroponics is a landscape system that uses a groundless solution (usually water) to grow crops. Hydroponic Park has a growth rate of 30-50 percent faster and more yields than land-use parks. Jember already owns the garden. Hydroponic Educational Garden is located in Sukorambi precisely in Botanical Garden. As the name implies, the Hiroponic Educational Garden is dedicated to people who want to learn about hydromatics. Here, the end can learn how to plant without using the land.

Hydroponic Educational Garden is a tourist place that must be visited because as we know, plants grown through this method will be healthier and fresh because it does not use pesticides. So visitors can enjoy the benefits.
The Hydroponic Educational Garden is open to the public. Visitors can arrive at 08.00-09.00 and 14.00-15.00. Each person only takes 15 minutes to visit the garden. to enter this garden, visitors are not charged or admission. So, are you interested to come to this Hydroponic Educational Garden?

Monday, December 4, 2017

Let’s Burn Calories in Your Body with Zumba!

Actually, lose weight not only by reducing the portion of the meal alone. But also must be balanced with exercise for maximum results and most importantly not easy to return to the original body shape or even be fat. Because when we intend to lose weight, we will definitely go on a diet. You do diet by reducing the consumption of calories into the body or by adjusting your diet. Exercise has a very important role when you want to lose weight. There are various sports you can do such as jogging, walking, aerobic, treadmill, yoga, zumba and others. However, this time Zumba is in great interest by many people because it does not make them bored. Do you know what zumba is?

"Zumba" comes from the Colombian language which means to have fun and move quickly. Zumba gymnastics is a fun and easy-to-follow series of cardiovascular movements, accompanied by music. This dance-based aerobics movement is accompanied by a combination of Latin and international music with fast or moderate rhythms. By doing this exercise for 1 hour, you can burn 450 calories. You can imagine if you do this exercise regularly, how many calories you burn? In addition, this exercise is also very good for increasing stamina and Lowering blood pressure and body fat.

In Indonesia, zumba is very popular. Easy and varied movements make people not feel bored, so no wonder if many people love it. There are many Zumba coaches, but the most famous are Laila Munaf and Liza Natalia. They already have their own gymnasium and have lots of members.

In doing this gymnastics, you do not need to come to the gym or studio. You can do yourself at home because there are so many videos of zumba exercise examples on YouTube. You can choose which Zumba you think is interesting and you can follow the movement. Only with a laptop or Smartphone, you can lose your weight.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Yogyakarta Foodies: The Unique Taste Sensation from Gudeg

Have you ever visited to Yogyakarta? Or, do you live there? Then, what is Yogyakarta? Yogyakarta is a province-level Special Region in Indonesia which is a fusion of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta and the State of Paku Alaman. Yogyakarta Special Region is located in the southern part of Java Island, and is bordered by Central Java Province and Indian Ocean. The city is also dubbed “Kota Pelajar” because there are some of the best campuses that became the choice of students to study there. In addition, Yogyakarta also has typical food that is quite unique and much liked by people. Well, Pesona Lokal will discuss about that food so you will not be curious.

One of the famous foods in Yogyakarta is Gudeg. What is Gudeg? Have you ever eaten it? Gudeg is a typical Yogyakarta food made from young jackfruit cooked with coconut milk and spices to taste more delicious. Gudeg has unique flavors such as sweet, salty and savory. Usually people enjoy this meal with complementary foods such as Krecek, Egg, Opor and Crackers.

Behind the delicious taste, the way of making Gudeg is also not easy. You will need time to cook it for about 2 hours. The ingredients needed to make Gudeg such as palm sugar, young jackfruit (cut into pieces), boiled eggs, bay leaves, coconut milk, coconut water, galangal, garlic, red down, coriander, salt, pecan, pepper powder. The ingredients of manufacture are quite a lot, but it's still easy to get it.

The way to make Gudeg is first Boil the jackfruit for a few minutes, then place the young jackfruit, galangal, boiled egg and palm sugar into a pan. Add some coconut water that has been mixed with fine spices, stir evenly and pour in the pan. Then Cook all the ingredients for 2 hours with medium heat, after which the coconut milk poured and destroy the cut jackfruit. Next, Cook jackfruit and other ingredients until the coconut milk out and Gudeg reddish brown. Finally, Gudeg is ready to be served with other companion.

Monday, November 27, 2017

The Heaven of Pasuruan; You Must Come to Enjoy Its Beauty!

Exploring every angle of beauty in Indonesia is never ending. Indonesia has a lot of beauty and uniqueness of culture, tradition, culinary and also tourist attractions. There are many tourist attractions that you can enjoy so you do not have to spend a lot of money to travel abroad. Because there are too many beautiful sights in Indonesia, so you get confused to choose it. But you just calm down, Pesona Lokal will always provide the right solution for you who like to travel. One of them will be discussed below.

This tourist place is located in one of city in East Java precisely in Pasuruan. Maybe you feel a bit unfamiliar with the name of this city. Pasuruan is a city in East Java Province, Indonesia. The city is located 60 km southeast of Surabaya, the capital of East Java province and 355 km northwest of Denpasar, Bali. The entire area of Pasuruan City is bordered by Pasuruan Regency. Pasuruan City is on the main coast of the north coast that connects Java Island with the island of Bali which makes it as a city with a large economic prospect in the eastern part of Indonesia. That is a brief explanation about the city of Pasuruan. Then, how about the tourist place?
Who would have thought this small town turned out to havevery beautiful water attraction? Its name is CobanBaung which means Waterfall. Coban Baung is located on the slopes of Mount Baung in Sumbersuko, Kertosari, Purwodadi, Pasuruan and East Java, Indonesia. But, Pesona Lokal just wants to describe its beauty alone.

Coban Baung has a charm of extraordinary beauty that is able to attract tourists to come. This waterfall only has a path, so you must be careful to get there. However, by the time you pass the path, you will be presented with the beauty of towering and shady trees and there are many monkeys who are faithful to welcome you so you will not feel lonely when traveling. Set up in the Coban Baung, you will enjoy the beauty of a high waterfall and have a fairly heavy water discharge. For those of you who love to play water, this place is perfect for you. You can play water as much as possible.
Coban Baung also has a variety of facilities that you can use such as toilets, parking areas, mushola, food stalls and others. So you do not have to worry if you have to stay long there.

Then how to go there? You can go there by car, motorcycle, bus or other public transportation. You just pay the entrance fee of about Rp. 7.500 and vehicle parking costs around Rp. 5,000. The cost is quite cheap is not it? And do not forget to bring the camera, because you will definitely capture every corner of this Coban Baung beauty.

Friday, November 24, 2017

The Simple Dance That You Always Learn in School on Art Subjects

If you hear Batak, what's on your mind? You might imagine people who have a strong temperament. But before you think like that, let's find out first. What is batak? Batak is one of the largest tribes in Indonesia that comes from North Sumatra. The tribe has a unique name in their last name that indicates their family identity or it is called a "clan". Batak also has many traditions, culture and art. One of them is “Tari Tor Tor or “Tor Tor Dance”. You must know with this dance, because when you were in school, you studied it on art subjects.

And for those of you who still do not know, what is Tor Tor dance? Tor Tor dance is a dance derived from the Batak tribe that performed by a group of dancers accompanied by a traditional music called "Gondang". Generally, this dance is performed during the ceremony. Tor Tor dance is not just a dance, but this dance also has a meaning as a medium of communication between participants of the ceremony. It can be seen from his movements.

Tor Tor dance cannot be separated from Gondang, because before the event begins, host (Hasuhutan) perform a special event called Tua ni Gondang, so the blessing of gondang sabangunan. In the implementation of this dance is very unique, host (Hasuhutan) must make a request first to the drum gondang. In making a request, the host (Hasuhutan) should use polite words. This request is a request to the gods for the whole family of the host to gain health and well-being. Every request spoken, gondang will be played with a different rhythm. And after the request is complete, the dancers group out to set their standing position at the time of dancing.

Every Tor Tor dancer should wear “Ulos” and use musical instruments / gondang (Uninguningan). There are many taboos that are not allowed during a torpedo, such as the dancer's hand should not cross the shoulder-high limit, if it does mean that the dancer is ready to challenge anyone in the field of shamanism, or a martial arts race, or a fight mental energy and others.

Tor Tor dance is one of the cultural identities of Indonesian art that we must always keep and we preserve. Although some of us are not from Batak tribe, but what's wrong with us learning this dance?

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Healthy Way to Lose Weight! You Can Do It Every Day.

Everyone want to have a beautiful body. Women want to have a slim body while men want to have a muscular body. So, a lot of them especially who have fat body are trying hard to lose their weight. The various ways they do, one of them is diet. They do diet such as eating less, keeping food and exercise. But there are many of them are wrong in doing diet. They think by eating less or not eating at all, it can help them to lose weight. That's a big mistake.  Because, when we are on diet, we have to keep up with exercise.

Exercise is an activity to train our body that we can do every day either with light activities such as walking up to heavy activities such as work out. We can exercise anywhere and anytime, at home, at the office or in the gym. Exercise has many benefits for our body, besides making our body feel healthy; we also get beautiful body shape as we want.

When we are on diet, exercise plays an important role. Maybe, if we think that by reducing the meal alone can reduce weight, why should we exercise? The thought is very wrong. In our body, there are two important components of calories and muscles. If we only eat less, our weight will decrease rapidly. But, we know that what diminishes is the amount of muscle mass. As we know, muscles have an important role in the body that is changing the calories that go through food into energy. Can we imagine, if our muscle mass is reduced, then the calories that enter into our body will accumulate and cannot be converted into energy perfectly. So by the time we stop dieting (eating less) we will become fatter back sooner even fatter than before.

It is very different if we do diet with exercise, such as cardio and work out. When we diet by doing this way, our weight will not go down quickly; even our weight may remain the same or even rise. Why is that? Because when we do cardio and work out every day, our muscles mass will increase. That's very good, because the muscle will work very well when it will turn calories into energy. Of course, every calorie of the food that we eat every day, it will not accumulate to fat, but it will be the energy that we need to perform our daily activities. So, as much as any high-calorie foods that go into our bodies, we will not easily become fat. And of course, we'll be healthier.

So, when we want to diet, the main thing we must remember is the diet in a proper and healthy way of exercising. Indeed, we will feel tired and lazy when we want to exercise. But we must remember that our goal is to have a good and healthy body. “Pretty needs sacrifice”.

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