Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sunda Foodies: The Special Taste of “Nasi Timbel”

Indonesia consists of many tribes, such as the tribe of Java, Madura, Batak, Sunda, and many more. Each of the tribe has a culture, traditions, and even has a very tasty special food.

One of them is Sunda. Sunda is famous for culinary paradise because it has many typical foods that are very delicious. One of which is “Nasi Timbel”.

“Nasi Timbel” or in Sundanese language is “Sangu Timeul” is Indonesian Typical food of Sunda, West Java. Formerly the farmers before going to the fields or rice fields always bring lunch for lunch complete with side dishes, then since it was known as “Nasi Timbel”. Before it is becoming famous, “Nasi Timbel” is already famous first in Sunda (West Java). And eventually spread throughout Indonesia.

“Nasi Timbel” is almost the same as regular rice in general. But there is little difference in the presentation. “Nasi Timbel” wrapped in banana leaves and using good quality rice. “Nasi Timbel” has a very delicious taste because it is served complete with fried chicken/grilled chicken/fried empal, tofu and fried tempe, salted fish, corn banana, vegetables, and chili paste.

If you want to enjoy the delicacy of this food, you can come directly to West Java like Bandung, Tasikmalaya and other cities. Or you can create your own home by reading the recipe in some articles. Good luck! And enjoy it!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Taste the Delicious Tpical Food of Salt Island Madura : Sate Madura

When you go traveling to some islands in Indonesia do not forget to enjoy the delicacy of typical food. Each region must have its own unique food. One of which is the island of Madura. Madura is called the “Salt Island” because the island is the largest salt-producing island. In addition, Madura also has many typical foods. And the most famous food is “Sate Madura”. Who does not like sate? All local people love it even overseas tourists who come to Indonesia looking for this food just to be tasted.

Sate is one of the typical foods of Madura. Generally sate made from beef as its basic ingredients. However, it is different with sate Madura. Sate Madura is made from chicken or goat meat.

How to make Sate Madura is quite easy. Chicken or goat meat is cut into small pieces and then stabbed using a bamboo prick. After that, the meat is smeared with soy sauce and then burned on coconut shell charcoal until cooked. Finally, coat the sate with peanut sauce and onion sauce. Chicken sate with a unique peanut sauce that makes this sate has a delicious taste, savory and delicious.

Although just imagine it, we can already know if the taste of sate it must be delicious. For that we always love the culinary of our country (Indonesia) because its taste is not inferior to fast food. We do not have to buy Sate Madura to Madura, in other cities also many who sell it like Surabaya, Jember, Medan, Jakarta and other cities. And also we can cook his own because how to cook it is very easy.

Move Your Body With This Beautiful Dance: Tari Pendet Bali

If we ask about the most famous island in Indonesia around the world, of course the answer is Bali Island. Who does not know about the beauty of the island? Many local tourists and international tourists who come to enjoy the beauty of tourism along with the tradition and culture that are still quite attached.

There are many reasons why many tourists come. One of which is the beauty of the beach and the freshness of the landscape on the island. In addition, Bali has a unique dance art, namely “Tari Pendet” or in English is “Pendet Dance”. It is a dance that was recognized by the neighboring country of Malaysia.

At the beginning of its emergence, “Tari Pendet” is a cult dance that is widely exhibited in the temple, the place of worship of Hindus in Bali, Indonesia. This dance symbolizes the welcoming of the descent of the gods into the natural world. But with the passage of time, this dance turned into a welcome dance for the guests. This dance is one of Balinese traditional dances that is very famous and often displayed various events such as welcoming big guests and other cultural events. “ Tari Pendet ” is usually played by the female dancers with a bowl containing a variety of flowers that became his trademark.

“ Tari Pendet ” has a more dynamic motion patterns than “ Tari Pendet ” performed in groups or in pairs. Usually the “ Tari Pendet ” is performed after the “Tari Rejang” at the temple courtyard and usually faces the holy (Pelinggih) by wearing ceremonial attire and each dancer brings sangku, jug, saucer, and other offerings.

“Pendet Dance” has two functions based on its type of “Tari Pendet Sakral” and “Tari Pendet Penyambutan”. For “Tari Pendet Sakral” is displayed as part of the religious rituals of Balinese people. While for the “Tari Pendet Penyambutan” more focused beauty both in terms of motion, clothing, and beauty of the dancers. However, the cultural elements of Balinese society are still attached to this welcoming dance.

Thus, our country (Indonesia) has so many cultures that we must always keep and preserve. So that our country's distinctive state is not recognized by neighboring countries.

The Beautiful Wedding Dresses for Women Wearing Veils!

Which woman does not want to look perfect on her wedding day? For every woman, looking beautiful on the wedding day is very important. Ranging from face makeup, room decoration and most importantly is a beautiful dress. There are so many choices of dresses designed by some of the best designers. A bride just ordered it easily based on their taste. But, how about the women who wearing veils? Surely they will feel confused choosing the appropriate dress on their special day because it must be in accordance with the rules of religion that do not allow to wear clothes too tight.

However, that does not mean you cannot look beautiful and charming on the wedding day. Since the fashion world has grown, many designers are creating bridal gowns with diverse models. As women who wearing veils, this is certainly very profitable for you is not it?
Here are some dresses that are suitable for women who wearing veils, including:

Muslim Bride Dresses Pastel Nuances
in addition to white, pastel colors also still look beautiful on the day of the wedding. This color is able to show cheerful and unique impression without having to be with a bright color.
Like a wedding dress designed by the OSD Bridal 

White Muslim Bride Dress
This white wedding dress with goose feather accents by Ayu Dyah Andari reflects holy and graceful philosophy. The dress is very suitable for use during the wedding ceremony

Muslim Bride Dress with Stacked Skirt Style
Elegant appearance should not be presented with a touch of ball gown skirt. This is evidenced by designer Qanita Ghalib with stacked dress skirt dress style. Geometric detail and florals make this dress look luxurious but still elegant.


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Jakarta Has a Big Doll That Can Walk: Ondel-Ondel

Guess what! What is the name of the capital city of Indonesia? The answer is Jakarta. Jakarta is a Metropolitan city inhabited by many residents comes from several regions, both from Java and other islands. Jakarta is famous for a very crowded life. Traffic congestion and flooding has become a major problem that is difficult to solve in this city. However, did you know that Jakarta still has a local art that until now still maintained its sustainability? It is “Ondel-Ondel”.

Ondel-Ondel is a Betawi folk show that is often featured in folk festivals to portray the ancestors who always guard their grandchildren and the people of one village. Ondel-Ondel is a large doll that has a height of about 2.5 meters with a diameter of ± 80 cm. This doll is made of woven bamboo that is prepared so that easily borne from it. The face is a mask, with head hair made from fibers.

Ondel-ondel face is divided into two namely men and women. Ondel-Ondel men are usually painted in red, while the women are white. Ondel Ondel beautifully decorated and covered with cloth as clothes. How to play Ondel-Ondel is someone into the doll and walk while dancing to the accompaniment of music. Accompaniment music in the form of Tanjidor, Pencak Betawi or Bende depending on each entourage

From the beginning of its emergence, Onde- Ondel has a mystical function that is to ward off evil spirits that haunt people. But over time, Ondel-Ondel is used to entertain the local community and outside the region. Even Ondel-Ondel is used to add splendor of folk feasts or to the welcome of honorable guests.

In this modern era especially in Jakarta which is very famous for the influence of western culture, Ondel-Ondel still survive and become decorate face metropolitan city of Jakarta.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Change Your Old Hairstyle With Korean Hairstyles!

Hair is a crown for every woman. Beautiful hair will show the quality of their fashion and lifestyle. Therefore, they will do various hair treatments in the salon like cream bath or just wash their hair with shampoo and conditioner. Even they will do hair coloring with various color choices. Because according to them, they will look more beautiful with haircuts and hair color that matches their face.

Hairstyles for women are more diverse than hairstyles for men. Many women who modeled the artist's hair style both domestically and abroad, especially Korea. Korea has become a very famous country in the world. Not only famous for its drama, Boys band and Girls band, but the country has become the center of the fashion world. In Indonesia itself, Korea has become a very influential virus. Especially in their hairstyles that are very popular among young people.

Korean hairstyle is very compatible with all hairs both short and long. Generally, Korean hair style shows feminine and cute nature. But to follow the trend of Korean hair style, keep in mind that the shape of a thirsty haircut corresponds to the shape of the face. Here are some recommended haircuts for women:

Sweet Short
This sweet short hair model, hair cut shoulder length or under the ear. This model shows the cute face of the woman

Long Hair Beauty
This haircut model is much preferred because it can be created with various accessories such as bandanna, hair strap and others. In addition, this model will show the feminine impression of the woman

Blonde Style
This hairstyle is also very famous. This model can be for long and short hair in the color of blond and in the form of slightly curly at the bottom.

Simple Style
This hairstyle is suitable for women who have long, straight hair. This model shows the simplicity of the woman.

Soft and Flowing
This hairstyle is suitable for women who have long hair. Hair just needs a little curl on the whole part of the hair.

Those five Korean hairstyles are very popular among Indonesian women. Many of them have applied the hairstyles to support their appearance. And you can also apply it. But keep in mind, that the hairstyle you choose should be in accordance with the shape of your face to look more beautiful.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Kosakora Hill: Yogyakarta

Who does not know Yogyakarta?
The city that called “Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta” or in English is “The Special District of Yogyakarta” is located in the southern part of Java Island, and borders the Central Java Province and Indian Ocean. Yogyakarta can be called Jogja. The city that still contains many elements of the kingdom and has many temples, especially Borobudur temple which became one of the seven obligations of the world also has other attractions that are not less beautiful. One of which is Kosakora Hill.

Kosarkora is a hill located in the village of Ngestirejo, Tanjungsari district, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. This hill becomes a popular tourist spot among young people. Many local people and other urban communities who come to enjoy the beauty of the hill.

This place presents a very beautiful sea view that we can see from the top of the hill. It is very suitable for young people who like to take pictures. Especially when the weather is sunny and not cloudy, we can enjoy the incredible sunset view. Besides that, we can camp on this hill to enjoy the beautiful scenery at night.

To reach the Kosakora Hill, we have to travel quite difficult. This Kosakora Hill is on the east side of Drini beach. To reach this hill, we must walk down the beach Drini which is located approximately 2 km. In addition to walking along the stretch of Drini beach, we also have to walk along a path full of shrubs, and a few steep hills that make the heart beat fast.

And for the last information is, how to enjoy the beautiful scenery? we do not have to pay expensive because the price of the ticket to the hill is quite cheap; it is around IDR 5000 only.

Surabaya Foodies: Rujak Cingur

Surabaya is one of the cities which located in East Java. This city is known by the nickname of "The Hero City" or "Kota Pahlawan". In addition, this city also has many unique foods, one of which is "Rujak Cingur".

In Javanese, the word "Cingur" means "Mouth", it is seen in the material of the cow's mouth slices are boiled and mixed into it. This food is called Rujak Cingur because the processed spices used are shrimp and cingur wedges. And that's what distinguishes this rujak with rujak as usual.

Rujak Cingur usually served with a blend of fruits and vegetables. Fruit mixed like bengkoang, pineapple, cucumber, star fruit and so on. While for vegetables such as kale, beans and many others. And for complementary such as lontong and peanut seasoning. This food is much preferred especially Surabaya community.

In its presentation, Rujak Cingur is divided into 2, namely the presentation of "Biasa" and "Matengan". If in "Biasa" presentation, all ingredients can be used like fruit and vegetables. But if in serving "Matengan", just a lontong and vegetables are used.

So, if you come to this hero city do not forget to taste this Rujak Cingur according to your taste in the form of presentation. In addition to the cheap price of about 15 thousands you will feel the pleasure of this rujak.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Semeru: The highest mountain on the island of Java

Indonesia does not only have many beautiful beaches. But there are so many beautiful tourist places inside it like a mountain. There are a lot of beautiful mountains that exist in some areas of Indonesia. There are some famous mountains in Indonesia such as Rinjani, Bromo, Kawah Ijen etc. But the most famous one is the Semeru. Not only the local tourist who came to climb the mountain, but many tourists from abroad also who come from their country just to enjoy the sensation when climbing this mountain.

Semeru is included in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area. With an area of 50,273 hectares, this national park is also the location of the establishment of other mountains such as Bromo, Batok and Widodaren. But among all these mountains, Semeru is the most towering with a height of 3667 meters above sea level. Because of the height of the mountain, making it a magnet for climbers to come and conquer it.

In addition to being a climbing location, Semeru also becomes a tourist attraction. Located in the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, this mountain is also rich in vegetation and become a habitat for many types of fauna. Throughout the climb, at certain points you can find edelweiss flowers and endemic orchids Semeru.

To climb Mount Semeru, you need to prepare physically well because the trip to the top of Mahameru is not easy. Make sure you bring climbing gear and leave unneeded items in order not to overload you. Here's a climbing route that you can take to reach the top of Mahameru: The journey starts from the village of Ranu Pane to Ranu Kumbolo via Watu Rejeng which takes 4 hours trip, through 4 main post. Post 1 in 2 hours travel time with sloping road conditions and not uphill, proceed to Pos 2 duration 15 minutes, then go to Pos 3 duration last 30 minutes go to Pos 3 duration 1 hour journey that is through dusty road and Uphill, and finally reached Ranu Kumbolo for 30 minutes. At Lake Ranu Kumbolo you can set up a tent for rest before proceeding to the summit of Mahamaru.

Next trip in proceed from Ranu Kumbolo to Kalimati duration of 3 hours drive through the climb of Love, oro - oro ombo (garden edelweis), Cemoro cage and arrived in Kalimati. At this dead time you can set up your tent again to prepare for climbing Mahameru peak which will start at night.

From the sentence you make preparations to conquer Mount Semeru, Travel at starting at 12 pm to Mahameru Peak through Arcopodo route duration of 2 hours with winding and uphill road conditions, then from Arcopodo up again upward, slope position almost 60 degrees to Peak Mahameru with a duration of 3 hours trekking, the last vegetation area and the terrain filled with sand. The total journey is 5 hours from Kalimati to the top of Mahameru.

The climb is very long and takes a long time is very tiring, but when we get to the top Mahameru, there we will see a very remarkable view; even we can touch the clouds. So that fatigue will turn into a sense of pleasure that cannot be disclosed. We can express gratitude because we already have a very amazing country.

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